Elevator Pitch Contest 2020, Sight and Life, Thailand


January 31, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - Elevator Pitch Contest 2020, Sight and Life, Thailand

Elevator Pitch Contest 

We live on a HOT, HUNGRY, CROWDED planet. Climate change, rapid urbanization and a growing population affect food and nutrition security leaving millions malnourished. Government programs supporting nutrition are underfunded, aid initiatives have a limited reach and private sector does not currently do enough to aid proper nutrition. Business as usual is therefore not enough. We need a new generation of innovators who can solve one of humanity’s most pressing challenges: how can we nourish and sustain 9 billion people by 2050 without hurting our planet?

Sight and Life is inviting ideas from students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to provide a planet-friendly disruptive solution to free the world from malnutrition. We are looking for nutritional and environmental-friendly innovative solutions from a diverse category of products, technologies and services. These solutions could be innovations in products such as supplements, ingredients, livestock feed, packaging, diagnostics or services such as use of mobile technology, delivery platforms, behavior change communication, demand generation tactics and social business models.

  • The Elevator Pitch Contest is open to all students, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • You can submit only one idea per team. The subject of the pitch must be your own idea or that of your team.

  • Identify one member from your team who, if selected, will pitch at the Micronutrient Forum

Entries that do not meet the guidelines in the application form will not qualify for the selection process. The program encourages teams from diverse backgrounds that unite students in nutrition, food science and other fields such as engineering, design, business, public policy, economics, etc.

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January 18, 2020
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