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Master of Arts Degree: Less academic value?

The decision to apply for a graduate degree is always well-thought and it implies answering a number of questions. The most important question for the future student is: what is the difference between Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees?

It is important to note that, employers and academics equally value both of the degrees. Both of them are popular enough. And the perception that Master of Arts degree has less academic value is totally ungrounded.

The essential step towards making the final decision which degree to apply for, is reconsidering your own short and long term career goals.

Master of Arts vs Master of Science Degree

The difference between these two degrees in not significant and they both boast the same academic value. The major difference lies in composition of the degree program: Master of Arts is an excellent choice for students, interested in humanities, social sciences, art, music, etc. And Master of Science, accordingly, is an ideal degree for those, pursuing a degree in more scientific disciplines as math, biochemistry, physics.

The academic curriculum, designed for Master of Arts students will heavily focus on seminars, discussions, essay-writing, practical workshops. While the methods, applied in Master of Science course, will direct the students towards lots of reading and research. So the difference is in teaching methods, basically.

Finally, dissertation or thesis is a “must do” thing for Master of Science students, while the ones pursuing a Master of Arts degree do not necessarily need to write a final thesis. It highly depends on University program requirements.

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