Workshops on Different Academic Disciplines

What is workshop?

Workshop is a short-term academic event, where a small group of people meet to get acquainted and discuss new concepts, skills or new practices. Attending a professional or academic workshop is not only an opportunity to receive new insights or knowledge, but also an excellent chance to meet your professional and academic peers and create your own network. Workshops are mainly organized by departments of universities or laboratories and frequently are devoted to anniversaries of scholars and scientists, establishment of institutions and centers or acknowledge an important event or finding in science, technology and humanities. Workshops and conferences may sometimes have the same meaning and be used interchangeably.

Workshops abroad offer an even more attractive perspective of travelling and inter-cultural exchange. Considering that a number of donor organizations offer full or partial funding for participation in any youth, development or educational workshops it is more than realistic to get funding for travelling to attend an international workshop. Today, attending an online workshop is another great option to consider, if it is not very likely to travel and even to leave your home or office space.

What makes workshops different from other events?

While being different from other types of educational events, e.g. seminars, trainings and conferences, workshops aim to deliver practical skills, reflect on new concepts. Workshops and seminars are more or less similar to each other, though workshops focus more on delivering practical information and tips. The commonalities between trainings and workshops are more, definitely, but trainings are meant to be more interactive and participant-driven. Workshops also have a lot in common with conferences and can even be part of conferences: a conference session may consist of various more specific and professional workshops, where participants with the same interest, goals meet.

Workshops available on ARMACAD

The ARMACAD workshops database intends to chart a pool of various skill-building and professional events. Whenever you are looking to find events and workshops to grow professionally, then ARMACAD is the best way to select the suitable course. Information on fully funded workshops and conferences worldwide is updated on every day.