Grants for Individuals and Organizations

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Types of grants

Unlike scholarships and fellowships awarded only to individuals according to their academic merit or financial need, the grants may be awarded to individuals and organizations. There are different types of grants, each with its unique set of guidelines, deadlines, and eligibility criteria.

Also, grants are divided into different types according to their funding purpose: grants may be allocated for research purposes, fostering business activities, conducting human rights advocacy, preserving libraries, grants for ecological activities, grants for NGOs and foundations, etc.

For those individuals or institutions that search for funding, grants are the best option to consider because grants are an essential part of the academic activities of any research institute and these financial allocations are the main source to research in any field.

Each academic institution or laboratory, or other entity within the university strives to receive the best research grants. Grants are announced regularly by such organizations as World Bank, NED, UN, National Science Foundations in different countries, Government bodies, NASA, Space agencies, private foundations, big enterprises, museums, etc.

The main bulk of grants announced is grants for researchers, grants for research institutes and laboratories, grants for libraries, and grants for NGOs. US government grants and federal grants are announced every year and may continuously support research and scientific institutes.

Of course, there are also individual grants for researchers, grants for undergraduate students, graduate students, Ph.D. students, journalists, photographers, educators, etc.

Educational grants are a big part of grants given every year by the EU, Tempus, UN, USAID, and other international institutions. Another cluster of grants is assumed for small businesses. Small business grants are regularly announced again by government bodies and international organizations to foster small and medium enterprises worldwide. There are also many grants for women, grants for minorities, and travel grants for students and researchers.

How to apply to grants

Grant search is a challenging endeavor, and more difficult is applying for a grant and writing a grant proposal. Big organizations usually have grants specialist who regularly applies to different grants and professionally writes the grant proposals. Nevertheless, applying for grants and scholarships can even inexperienced students and researchers because there are many grant proposal templates and tutorials available online, which may guide the proposal writer through grant writing and grant application submission.

To be a grant search professional and grant proposal writer, one must first master the skills about how to apply for smaller-scale grants and afterward apply for a grant of a larger amount.

ARMACAD grants and funding database

If there are education grants, grants for NGOs, research and academic grants, and grants for students at any study level, be sure that the grants database will immediately publish the relevant announcement and inform all subscribers about the relevant announcements. The ARMACAD grants and funding database is the best place for the grant seeker to find appropriate financial sources for NGOs, medical research, humanitarian activities, research, etc.