Online Study Opportunities, Classes and Trainings


Online learning becomes more and more popular today and many people, looking for university-level education and career advancement turn to an online degree. This is an excellent choice for those, who are determined to earn a degree or a certificate, gain new knowledge and skills and promote career development. Efficiency of online learning has made many big companies turn to corporate e-learning to better fit timing and other needs of their employees.

The reasons for applying for an online study course can be many, obviously. But what can really motivate you to start your own online study search? Amongst others, the main reasons for this are the following:

  • Online learning can perfectly fit in your tight schedule: you will have an opportunity to make it maximum flexible and meet your own deadlines.
  • You can start your online program, while multitasking as a parent or combining learning with your job responsibilities.
  • Online learning costs less compared to on-site campus education. There are a number of free online study courses and scholarships available too.
  • Latest technological tools and resources will make your learning very convenient, even if you are looking for doctorate online education and not a 2 month long course in mediation.


Online study materials, in combination with video tutoring and live chat to communicate with the professor makes an excellent substitution of face to face classroom learning. Basically, online studies can offer a very well fitted dynamic learning environment.  You can also easily find an online course with residential phases, which makes an excellent option for those, who can afford traveling 1-2 times during the whole learning process. Besides online courses that are led, coordinated and assessed by professors, there are also a number of courses that offer self-study online courses. The latter aims to adjust even more to individual needs and capacities.

Online catalogues and resources, where you can find your dream course are limitless. Either you are looking for an online business degree or simply for a course in creative writing, use online program catalogues to narrow down your search. MOOC catalogues offer online education delivered by hundreds of learning providers. This online study finders have a super convenient search system, so that you can adjust your selection priorities and choose the best course, University, learning tools and deadlines.

Various digital platforms offer massive online open course lists to choose from. Covering hundreds of disciplines, a number of champions, delivering high class adult online education, enjoy popularity among tens of millions of students. The online study programs presented on these platforms are offered by leading universities. For example, Coursera (, collaborates with world best Universities to digitalize their learning resources. Various technological tools, used by other online education providers, such as, EdX (, for instance, make learning extremely user-friendly.  


With academic world investing more and more in online education ARMACAD tries to serve as another resource leading people to make their right choice. ARMACAD offers a huge variety of online certificate courses, degree courses, and events. The website is tailored for an easy search of various online research and taught options. Our online study (program) database is an excellent guide, for those searching for an alternative to on-campus education.  The menu on the left provides with an opportunity to choose the best learning opportunity, offered worldwide, as well as find online events and even prepare for academic tests through an online course.