Doctoral scholarships and fellowships

Doctoral Studies and degrees

Often divided into professional and academic the doctoral degree, generally, is equal to PhD degree. The doctoral degree is the highest academic degree in Western academic world, which demonstrates your remarkable analytical and research skills.

The professional doctorate is a course, particularly designed for specialists, who want to advance their professional knowledge without strict academic commitment. A vivid example of this highest professional degree is Doctor of Business Administration. The research or academic doctorate is characterized by intense research and coursework and the holders of this degree are referred to as Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Science.

When looking for a doctoral program abroad, it is also important to consider different ways of writing a doctoral thesis or a dissertation. The traditional doctorate scheme assumes a supervised research on a particular academic topic, while the cumulative doctorate students submits a united collection of all articles.

While there are many funding opportunities to cover doctoral studies, many of students engage in teaching for undergraduate and graduate students to fund their own degree studies. They engage in University faculties as teaching assistants to coach and advise students.

Doctor of Sciences degree in Post-Soviet coutries

It is only in Eurasian region (post-Soviet countries), where the doctorate education is a higher level degree than PhD. In this case the PhD holders after publishing monographs and many articles in academic journals can apply for one to four years doctorate studies to go further in their academic research and in the end defend a doctoral dissertation to receive the degree of doctor of sciences (habilitation).

Doctoral studies opportunities on ARMACAD

ARMACAD offers a comprehensive list of post-graduate courses including PhD programs. Many of these academic opportunities are fully funded. You can also find online doctorate opportunities to combine your academic interests with family and work.