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What Is a Post-Graduate Degree?

Post-graduate education is the degree or any other qualification, that a student gets after completing graduate studies. The term “post-graduate” has different meanings in various parts of the world, though. In many European countries, including UK, any level of education received after an undergraduate degree (bachelor’s, associate) is considered to be post-graduate. This, particularly, concerns master’s (taught and research) degree programs, diplomas and certificates, conversion courses and doctorate level education. The situation is different in USA, where the academic masters course generally leads to a PhD degree. Basically, these two degrees are combined in one full course, while “doctorate studies” refer only to PhD level education. And, finally, a totally distinctive approach is applied in other parts of the world, e.g. Eurasian region, where the term “post-graduate” is used to characterize all types of degree-led education, that follows graduate (master) programs.

Post-Graduate Programs equal to PhD, Doctoral and post-doctoral level education

PhD, doctoral and post-doctoral studies lead to post-graduate degrees. The terms “PhD” and “doctoral” are often used to substitute each other, while they differ in their academic meaning in various parts of the world.

In Europe, US and other academic cultures PhD and doctorate students earn the same credits towards the highest educational degree, e.g. Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Science. In other words, these are two identical degrees, while content-wise they might have slight differences, depending on their structure. And only after this level is completed, a highly devoted academic with a PhD degree can engage in a post-doctoral research. In Eurasian region, doctorate degree is the next educational level after PhD degree is achieved: it addresses the “post-graduate” studies widely known in Western world.

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