Environmental Policy Research and Study Opportunities

Enthusiastic to Protect the Planet? Get a Degree in Environmental Policy.

Who are those people, who monitor environmental changes, develop policies and strategies to tackle them and find solutions on how to change our nature for better? Right, these are environmental specialist and policy makers, who combine their knowledge on environmental studies with politics part of it.

Environmental policy making is not just about professional knowledge of the field; it is also about boosting public-private dialogue and partnership between civil society and government. It is about the ability to correctly communicate the need for new or updated policies, as well as their accurate implementation and long-term effects.

What Do Environmental Policy Degree and Non-Degree Programs Offer?

If you have been thinking hard on how to protect our environment through effective policy making, planning and implementation, then the academic program on environmental policy is your correct path.

The variety of bachelor and master degree programs on environmental policy offer vast opportunities to analyze and research what are the risks to environment at community, national and international level, what do policies need to address and what it takes to implement those policies. Undergraduate courses deliver more general knowledge on the links between environment, communities and government, different effects of environmental risks, as well as assessment of environmental policies. Graduate students receive more specialized knowledge on policy development, natural resources management, environmental risks and their reduction.

Non-degree and professional development courses on environmental policy and planning are available for those, who look for shorter term opportunities to advance in their career. And those, who do not want to travel, can benefit maximum from online learning opportunities.

If you are ready not only to explore, but also to analyze, offer solutions and contribute to improvement of environmental policies, then PhD program is an excellent path for you. This program will, definitely, require a lot of individual research, but will result in a unique academic piece.

Being a highly in demand human resource, environmental specialists and policy makers find themselves at leading positions in business, public, international development and non-profit sectors.

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