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Lecture is an oral academic presentation of a certain subject. University or college lectures are typical formal talks aimed at academic and scientific guidance of students, as well as delivery of various discourses on a given concept. Students are likely to take lecture notes and read the recommended literature to supplement their studies.

Positive impact of University public lectures on students’ learning progress is often questioned both by students and academia. Many think that the discussed format of a class distracts and disengages the audience, even if there is a question and answer session in the end and the students can put questions to the professor. To add different and more interactive content to lectures the Universities usually fill the weekly academic schedule with tutorials, group works or other sessions to deliver more hands-on practical learning. This formal learning format can be delivered through various methods, such as case studies or problem solving.

University web pages usually announce the series of academic lectures in advance, so that interested students know about them days before the event. Nowadays, it is possible to watch online lectures in live format or follow video lectures at a desired time and place.

Lectures vary in their content and goals. They also vary in their geographical scope, e.g. international lectures aim to attract scholars and academia from different parts of the world.

Keynote lecture, is the one that conveys the central idea or concept for further discourse. The keynote speaker is often invited to mark the opening of an academic event (conference, workshop, and summit) and guest speakers are there to bring the key idea into a wider discussion. Distinguished lecture series are delivered by outstanding academics, scientists or professionals. The term “distinguished” in this context would refer to instructor and not the content.

Despite its formal character a lecture is not supposed to cover academic or scientific content only. Lectures can, easily, cover such topics as project management or innovations in business. It is about the format that the word lecture is used and not about the content delivered.

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