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Post-doctoral studies

Post-doctoral scholars continue their studies upon completion of the PhD degree in order to engage in further academic research and trainings. Post-doctoral studies last from one to four years and an academic mentor advises on research progress and outcomes. At this highest level of academic studies, the research is not supervised, but a mentor coaches the scholar throughout the process. This the very academic level, when a former PhD student becomes a scholar and starts an independent research career.

Mentoring in this case means a special guiding relationship, established between a higher level academics and the scholar. There is a big difference between mentoring and supervising: mentors guide and help to find solutions, develop critical thinking and contribute to professional development. The mentor ensures productivity for the scholar and achievement of his career goals.

In the majority of Universities post-doctoral scholars, or otherwise called “post-docs”, are full time academic or research staff members. They commit themselves to teach and advise undergraduate and graduate students, as well as participate in advanced research projects. Their role in faculty development is vital.

Post-doctoral fellows pursue their studies in the position of a fellow or an associate. The post-doctoral fellow is fully engaged in the University research team, while the associate supports the research team. Scholars engage in vivid research communities, that collaborate with international organizations, financial corporations, government agencies and prestigious research centres.

Post-doctoral grants and scholarships are offered and awarded by Universities, research organizations, private and state institutions on a highly competitive basis. Publication support is often provided to post-doctoral scholars too.

ARMACAD Directory of Post-Doctoral Studies

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