International PhD programs and scholarships

PhD Degree – The Next Level for the Dedicated

PhD is the highest academic degree to achieve after master degree. PhD programs are available in all academic fields. It is a three to six year program, focusing on extensive academic research. The PhD thesis has to offer a unique contribution to academic discourse: it is considered to be a genuine piece of writing offering new approaches and directions in science. The PhD thesis is supervised by an academic and, when completed, it is “defended” in front of a panel of academics.

Important to note, that in post-soviet countries, Middle East ant several European countries the PhD degree (kandidat nauk) is not the highest academic degree. It is the doctoral degree (doctor nauk, habilitation) that is considered to be the highest.

Different types of PhD programs

PhD programs vary depending on structures and content.  Doctorate studies, equal to PhD in majority of countries, can be academic or professional. In other words, they can be characterized as PhD by thesis and PhD by practice. The second option focuses on professional development and can be typical for PhD holders in the field of health care for example.

There are two different routes to complete a PhD course in Germany: individual doctorate and structured doctorate. The individual doctoral study enjoys popularity among PhD students: they find a supervisor, design an individual research plan. When the PhD course is structured, it offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, involving soft skill programs, and a group of supervisors to lead the student. The “New Route” PhD program is getting more and more in UK: this model of advanced studies combines academic knowledge with practical (vocational level) skills. Danish education system offers fully funded PhD positions, which do not require a tuition fee. PhD students receive a salary and contribute to development of partnership between academic and private sector. The research, produced by PhD students serves to the benefit of industry and, thus, nurtures cooperation established between academic and private sector. 

Teaching positions and Assistantships

While it is possible to find fully funded PhD positions, there are several opportunities to work and pay for it. Teaching positions and assistantships are an ideal to support PhD studies. Postgraduate students are often offered teaching assistant positions by the University and many of these positions can provide tuition waiver or even insurance. Teaching, research and administrative assistants are among the most popular positions for postgraduate students.

PhD Program Database on ARMACAD

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