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What is Undergraduate Education?

Undergraduate education is the first level of academic or professional studies after secondary (school) education. In most of the cases this is the first step towards graduate education and, generally, the first step towards a professional career path. It is also the very moment to start being a “student” and enjoy all those benefits of student life.

Unlike graduate programs, undergraduate education offers a mix of general education and more focused professional knowledge. Undergraduate education assumes degree and diploma level education and varies across countries.

Differences in Undergraduate Education

There is a major difference between undergraduate education systems in UK, Europe and US. In all cases undergraduate education is the post-secondary school level of academic studies.

In UK the term “undergraduate” education can lead to three different courses: degree level, diploma level and those that lead to academic studies combined with workplace learning. The degree level studies will, normally, lead to a Bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of diploma level courses, which take 2-3 years, the students are awarded Higher National Diplomas. And, finally, in the case of combining academic courses with workplace learning the students receive a foundation degree, which demonstrates their orientation of a particular career.

In US there are two types of degree level studies, leading to an undergraduate degree: Bachelor’s and Associate. The Bachelor’s degree studies last four years: this allows to mix general education with a particular focus on specialization in the last year or two. While the Associate degree studies usually last two years, they are either a transition path to bachelor’s course or a lead to specific knowledge in a certain professional area (e.g. nursing).

In European countries the standardized bachelor degree education lasts from three to four years and, usually, is a must to continue your graduate education. The academic institutions of Eurasian region offer the same approach.

National Vocational Education path allows students to receive a special educational degree and a hands-on practical experience. This type of education is available in all parts of the world.

ARMACAD Database of Undergraduate Programs

Usually, the decision where to go for undergraduate studies does not come easy. But ARMACAD database, offering hundreds of opportunities, is an ideal platform to start your search.