Call for Publications in Academic Journals and Volumes

Academic journals are periodically published by university presses, academic associations or international academic publishing houses, such as Brill, Taylor and Francis, Sage or Harrassowitz. Because those journals are published periodically they are usually called also academic periodicals. Each journal volume may have several issues published during that particular year.

Academic publishers or the editors of academic journals usually do not distribute a call for journal papers, because the academic community in the particular field already knows about the periodical journals in that field and make the paper submissions themselves, without being previously informed about the publishing opportunity.

Unlike periodicals, a variety of special volumes and collections of articles are published by the same publishers. In this case a call is distributed in order to inform the academic community about the upcoming volume. Such calls usually have deadlines as well. Among such special volumes "Festschrifts" - collections of academic works to honor the birthday of a renown scientist or a scholar, are the most popular ones. Also conference organizers very often mention in their call for papers that the presented papers will be published as a separate volume. Such collections are called "Proceedings of the conference".

Apart from distributing calls for publications academic publishers very usually also distribute the contents of the newly published issues and volumes.
In this section both call for publications and the contests of newly published volumes are presented.