Political Sciences Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Programs in Political Science

Degree programs in political science are very popular nowadays. They boast broad and interdisciplinary curricula and facilitate development of personal skills. Trainings on leadership, communication, community mapping and mobilization, advocacy and lobbying, as well as many others, make an important part of the curriculum.

International students, thinking of applying for undergraduate or graduate programs on political science, have very big choice of Universities and colleges worldwide. Degree programs in political science vary in their duration and content. Undergraduate programs deliver more general knowledge, while graduate courses facilitate students’ specialization in a certain professional area. Mainly they focus on: communications, history, law, sociology, public policy and administration, globalization, human rights and human security, etc. The analysis of different public thoughts is central in this academic program.

Students of degree programs on political science pass intensive practical trainings and workshops on research and writing skills, analytical and critical thinking. The mix of all these skills makes them an asset in public, private and development sectors. Graduates of political science programs can easily find volunteering and internship positions to put their knowledge into practice.

PhD program in political science

PhD program is an excellent path for those, who dream of academic and research career. Academic programs of highest level are built around intensive individual research and tailored training to analyze and explore different theories of political science. In the result they are expected to produce an original piece of academic writing: a dissertation that will propose new approaches or test theories.

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This section is dedicated to announcements in the field of political science and related disciplines. Political science programs are offered by many academic institutions worldwide as well as societies, NGOs, schools and government bodies.

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