Competitions for Professionals and Students

Competitions definition

Competition is a tournament where parties aim to win and, thus, to demonstrate their excellence.

Typically, the entrants do not compete to win a prize or another reward. On the contrary, they are challenged to show their supremacy. Competition is not a one-time event, usually it is more formal than a contest. It is a process with certain rules, where the participants have deadlines to exhibit or show their works and the competition organizers or the board of judges are mandated to control the process and nominate the winner.

The competition itself has a larger and more general essence to point out the condition of competing, not just the process or results. This makes one of the major difference between a competition and a contest. For instance, the Cambridge University and the Oxford University can compete in the number of research centers established, or even countries can compete in ensuring their dominance in a certain region. Many countries adopt laws to ensure competitive environment for the business: these laws are called competition or anti-monopoly rules. This is to show the more general and global meaning of the word “competition”.

Competitions are usually limited by their geographical scope: national competitions cover boundaries of a certain country, whereas international ones go beyond country borders and aim to engage audience from a wider region. The competition that assumes to take longer than usual and is divided into series is called a tournament.

Does Competing Foster Learning?

Educational competitions are organized in all academic areas and pursue the goal of encouraging talents, forcing creative thinking and leadership. Basically, admission to a college or a University is also a competition. Academic competitions help students illustrate their passion and learn even more. Competing is a learning process: students deepen their knowledge to win, they learn to compete and negotiate.

Olympiad is a variation of academic competition for students and pupils, which is organized at national or international level in all kinds of academic institutions, e.g. schools or Universities. These events help the remarkable and gifted ones to stand out. The “winner of Olympiad” award is a proof of excellence, which will, definitely, be helpful at important stages of life: when entering a University or getting a job.

Competition Database on ARMACAD

The international competition database on ARMACAD is an ideal list of worldwide prestigious events, compiling exciting opportunities both in academic fields and in skill-based directions, e.g. in photography or essay writing.