Prizes for Scientists, Researchers and Students

A Reward for the Challenged – A Prize

A prize is a reward for those, who are challenged to win a victory and to demonstrate their superiority. Prizes aim to encourage competition. They can be monetary, but their primary goal is to recognize excellence and remarkable achievements. The biggest value a victory can bring, is not the money, it is the fame and recognition.

In Academia an open nomination process usually precedes the announcement of winner and awarding the prize. The potential winners are nominated and determined based on an open assessment procedure. Depending on the competition regulations the winners are nominated by colleagues or departments or they nominate themselves. Prizes can be different to encourage and award not only the winner, but also those who were very close to the victory. Grand prize goes to the winner and the best competitor, while consolidation prizes are awarded to those, who did not win, but had very big chances to do so.

The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award given to those, who brought the “Greatest Benefit to Mankind”. Nobel Foundation administers the prize awarding process, and each year many scientists, peacemakers, writers, as well as many others receive the Nobel Prize in Oslo, Norway to mark the impact of their innovations.

Academic foundations and other organizations worldwide may announce their own prizes to feature excellence in a certain field of human activities. Such renown prizes are for instance the Pulitzer prize for books in the fields of history, poetry and fiction, Fields medal, which is awarded to talented mathematicians under 40, many peace and environmental prizes as well as UNESCO prizes in different fields and Kuwait prize.

ARMACAD prize directory

Prize Database on ARMACAD presents a wide list of opportunities to win for students, academics, change makers and many others, who are passionate about what they do and want others to recognize it. Student competitions, scientific prizes and prizes for advanced research comprise a small part of all the opportunities available on ARMACAD.