Environmental Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Level Programs, conferences and trainings on Environmental Studies

Degree level programs on environmental studies are an excellent choice for those, who feel enthusiastic to discover the interaction between the environment and humans, explore the scientific, policy and grassroots measures to protect and preserve our environment. This is a broad program, which allows students to challenge different theories and perspectives on sustainability, human health, environmental change, public policy and risk assessment.  

The Bachelor degree students of environmental studies course enroll in an interdisciplinary program, which offers a wide range of academic disciplines from social and natural sciences to humanities. It is only on the third or fourth year that the undergraduate program starts to get more focused, leading towards a certain environmental direction.

The situation is different with graduate programs on environmental studies, which are more concentrated towards delivering knowledge in specific areas, e.g. renewable energy, wildlife protection or human-environment relations. And, finally, PhD programs on environmental studies offer to continue studies in a recognized research environment to produce original academic input for protection of environment.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs on environmental studies are available online for those, who prefer not to travel or balance the love for the motherland with study. Vocational education courses on various environmental sciences are also available for those, who do not aim to pursue and academic degree, but rather concentrate on practical information and skills.

Huge Demand in Industrial and Public Sectors

It is not a secret that graduates of academic programs on environmental studies are highly in-demand employees in diverse fields of industry, public and non-profit sectors. They work in laboratories and in fields, consult and lead. In developed countries, for instance in US, the majority of environmental specialists are hired by central and local government. Such industries as mining, engineering and construction are constantly in search of qualified labor with specific knowledge in environmental sciences. Skilled environmental consultants are also a huge asset in delivering quality international development aid to developing countries.


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