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Master Degree Education

Master degree education is one of the most remarkable investments in career and an important step towards realizing professional ambitions. Lasting from one to three years, master level education is a graduate academic program, which lets students specialize in their own professional field. Unlike undergraduate education, where the curriculum is more or less liberal and general, master’s degree programs focus on a concrete career path. Master degree has a high academic value and promises an excellent career prospects.

Differences in Master Degrees and Academic Programs

Master degree courses can be research based or taught based depending on the curriculum. The first option focuses on individual reading and research, while the second one is comprised of essay writing, practical sessions, seminars and coursework. Master degree is awarded upon successful completion of an academic thesis. Master’s degrees differ, depending on certain qualifications: Master of Arts, Master of Science, LLM (Master of Laws), MRes (Master of Research) and many others.

It is possible to take the program on full time or part time basis, depending on an individual schedule. A full time course will, normally, last one-two years, while the part time program can last up to 3 years. The latter is an ideal option to fit the academic studies in your tight working schedule and family obligations. Online master degrees are available too for those, interested in continuing their education without leaving home.

Consecutive and specialized master’s degree programs differ in their curricula too. The specialized program is limited with strictly professional subjects, while the consecutive course allows not to limit yourself and cover a range of topics related to the field of your interest.

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