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While many people consider studying overseas a life dream, it can be a lot more realistic and affordable. And the only thing to invest in that dream come true is time and efforts. Usually people think that getting enrolled in a foreign University is quite hard and, moreover, getting a study scholarship is merely impossible. These beliefs are easy to break and there are several simple study tips to do that.

First, it is important to determine what exactly you want to study and the motivation behind it. When thinking of studying abroad, try to think behind the major subject: the best way out in this situation is to browse the list of major subjects, offered by a certain University and see what other disciplines are more attractive. For instance, if a potential student is eager to study history, then it is more than worthy to search and see what other minor disciplines make part of it (or the history curriculum). Not less important to choose the method of education, because many Universities offer taught or research study course to undertake. This tip is to drive closer to determining the best subject, the real interest. Then, what comes next, is understanding why exactly overseas study is vital, why this certain country and University make the choice. The easiest tip is to sit and brainstorm at least five reasons, which highlight the reasons behind that decision. And the last, but not the least important, comes the issue of study financial aid. This will require a very strong statement to show that the financial need is justified. The best way to achieve a full or partial study abroad scholarship is to underline the reasons why particularly you and not one of other hundreds of applicants deserve a study award.

A good statement of a potential international student, demonstrating his willingness to be accepted to study abroad program, his leadership and outstanding characteristics, as well as the financial need he is facing, is the best way to receive a scholarship and get most of your new learning experience.

Enrolling in university study abroad programs is a lot more than purely receiving academic knowledge that is impossible to get at home. This richest experience will be a mix of intercultural exchange and fun; it will develop new learning and analytical techniques; it will advance your writing and thinking skills. And besides all this, studying abroad is the greatest chance ever to travel and get to know other cultures.

Today, getting a college or a University degree is not enough. Studying skills, that do not make a part of degree education, are as important too. Mastering a profession and advancing in a career needs unlimited self-development and lots of other special trainings. There is no shortage of professional development trainings nowadays and hundreds of study guides to help with finding a proper course. Corporate trainings, tailored trainings for specialists, online studies and many more options are available. Study abroad grants can also cover short-term overseas trainings, if there is sufficient basis for that.


The study abroad (program) database, that ARMACAD offers, can exceed your search expectations. The list of overseas programs shown on the website starts with summer study abroad programs, academic and professional fellowships and online courses, and ends with all level degree education. ARMACAD database is updated every day and valuable information about study fellowships is published immediately as it appears online or is distributed via email. Our database is not only an information resource about upcoming study opportunities, but it also publishes study tips and advices for international students.

ARMACAD is a perfect collection of academic resources for those, who either want to study humanities and other sciences, or simply take a short professional training. Those who want to study online can also turn to ARMACAD for help. Universities worldwide are now offering all their study courses online and online studies are now becoming more and more popular among students and professionals. Distance learning is a good option for people, benefiting from work-study combination. This fits even those, who want to study natural sciences and get an academic degree in that particular field.

Our website is also an excellent search engine for those looking for study fellowships and other financial aid to cover their tuition. The sections on study abroad loans aim to provide information for applicants and potential students on various scholarships, awards and fellowships to fund their studies. Our study guide will be a useful tool for people, who prefer language studies as well.