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Graduate education follows undergraduate or associate degree level studies. Post-undergraduate education is comprised of two degrees, master’s and doctorate, and standards of awarding graduate degrees vary from country to country. Certainly, there is also a big pool of alternatives to full time graduate courses, if it is challenging to balance studies with work and family, e.g. certificate and diploma courses or even online education.

Master degree education usually lasts from 1-3 years depending on the country requirements. When joining graduate degree programs students specialize in a certain area of science or humanities and go beyond more universal undergraduate education. The decision to go for a graduate degree abroad is usually well informed for those, who love to travel and experience intercultural learning. And the big set of questions to answer, when making this decision, starts with the most important one:  in which country it is more appropriate to get a graduate degree?

Master degree programs in UK usually last from 1-2 years (more often 1 full year) and students are awarded master degree upon completion of the course, unless they refuse to write a thesis or take the whole set of final exams, and get their diploma (not a degree) by the end. Approximately the same approach is applied in other European countries, which joined the Bologna process of standardization of higher education and assess their degree programs by their own system. European master programs usually last two years and, as mentioned above, are standardized across Europe. United States education market offers a different approach: usually, master and doctorate programs are combined in a 5 year graduate degree level course, and after two years it is possible to withdraw from the program with a master degree.

Apart from duration and other country standards, there are other not less important differences between graduate degrees. They can be academic and professional, e.g. Master of Business Administration is a professional degree, while Master of Science is academic, focusing more on science and math. Master of Arts is a degree awarded to those pursuing studies in areas humanities and social sciences. These two also differ in terms of teaching methods: curriculum of MA compiles a lot of discussions and practical exercises, while MSc puts more emphasis on theoretical research and reading. There also specialized degree programs for certain academic areas, e.g. LLM is a degree for lawyers or MSW is a master degree awarded to social workers.

What is graduate studies

Graduate master degrees can be delivered through taught modules and focus more on individual research, e.g. master research degrees. And finally, dual or joint degree programs wait for real enthusiasts, aiming to make most of their graduate education.

The graduate degree is one of the biggest investments in life and career development. This is a chance to reflect on major academic interests that you have. This is the time to deepen your knowledge in the area you are going to call your profession in future and take your education to another level.

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ARMACAD presents a vast choice of graduate programs for pursuing academic, professional or executive degrees. Our graduate degree database offers various learning opportunities worldwide with full or partial scholarships, courses oriented on research and professional fellowship programs.