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Featured Opportunities in Scholarships

What is a Scholarship?

The scholarship is financial aid to help students and researchers study and do research in academic institutions worldwide. 

Scholarships may be full, to cover all costs related to the study or the research, or partial, to cover only a part of the costs. 

How to find a scholarship?

Each student, researcher, professor, teacher, and parent dedicate a bunch of time to local or international scholarship search with the hope to find one or more such opportunities, which will fully or partially cover study, research, or living costs.

To find scholarships, each applicant has to search scholarships extensively and consult international scholarship database sites, and register in academic mailing lists to receive announcements about international scholarships daily. Thus the answer is – search for scholarships online and share whatever you find with mates and friends online on Facebook, Twitter, or Snap Chat.

Below are listed some of the most known scholarships. We will update this list regularly. 

Scholarships for U.S. students

Scholarships for Foreign Students to Study in the USA

Scholarships in Poland for International Participants

International Scholarships in Germany

Many students take loans to cover all the necessary costs or pay themselves if they are rich enough. Still, the vast majority of all academically oriented people worldwide search for international scholarships. 

Available scholarships are first announced by the scholarship granting organization, i. e. university or a research institute, and afterward distributed via online resources, mailing lists, and scholarship search site platforms.