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Academic Meetings and Gatherings

A meeting is a gathering of several people to discuss certain issues, plan activities and strategies, as well as network with partners and peers. Meetings can be formal and non-formal. Conferences, forums, trainings and other formal events are, basically, also different types of meetings, and the reason for this is that the participants meet to learn and debate. The word “meeting” itself means a separate type of gathering, and it has a less formal meaning, though. It is characterized as a less official event, unless world leaders meet to negotiate over something.

Certain kinds of meetings take place regularly, and this makes them special. These meetings happen annually, biennially or monthly, and this is to mark the importance of this frequency. Annual meetings are official events, that can unite distinguished academics, sponsors of a university or the board of directors of a big corporation once a year to sum up their activities. Monthly meetings of a University faculty aim to discuss priorities in student well-being and education: these happen once in a month and are regular.

Formal meetings should be well organized. The attendees should receive an invitation or an announcement, the agenda of the upcoming meeting should be shared well in advance, key speakers should be notified to prepare. The timing of meetings is strictly regulated, usually.

Less formal meetings happen occasionally and aim to benefit parties. At University level academic supervisors meet with PhD students to monitor their progress and give advice; pre-exam meetings are to orientate students in major expectations of the professor and assessment policy. These meetings are not regulated by an agenda, but are planned well in advance too.

Today many meetings happen online, especially when participants live in different countries. Various online platforms are designed to maximize the efficiency of online meetings. 

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