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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Among various opportunities, that prospective students can take to complete their undergraduate education, Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the major programs to consider. Arts degree programs are special educational courses, offered in the majority of colleges and Universities, usually lasting from three to four years. While Arts degrees are usually offered in social sciences, humanities and arts, and they focus on cultural understanding of various disciplines, it is more than possible to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in law or accounting.

The Difference Between Undergraduate Degrees: BA and BSc

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, from a general point of view, are both valued and are internationally recognized. Unlike an existing perception that undergraduate Arts degrees do not lead to a serious career, it is worthy to note that the reasons for this are more than arguable. Both degree programs, BA an BSc, comprise the first step towards master’s level education.

There are certain differences in such undergraduate degrees as Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. The curriculum leading to Bachelor of Arts degree is more liberal and more flexible, while the courses Bachelor of Science students take are more specialized and focused towards a concrete career path. For example, if a student is considering a Science degree in law, then he will need to earn more credits in legal subjects. Second, as mentioned above, Arts degrees are usually more popular among students, pursuing a career in humanities, social sciences, music, etc. While Science degrees are more attractive for students, interested more technical and scientific disciplines.

Important to note, though, that some Universities offer joint undergraduate degree programs: joint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs.

ARMACAD Database of Bachelor Degree Programs

ARMACAD offers various undergraduate opportunities and Bachelor Arts programs are among them. Those, looking for Bachelor of Arts degree programs should not hesitate to explore thoroughly our database.