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PhD Program in Law and Politics 2019-2021, University of Graz, Austria

Publish Date: Feb 08, 2019

Deadline: Apr 30, 2019

PhD Law and Politics at the University of Graz 

The PhD Law and Politics is a three year (six semesters, 180 ECTS) English-taught doctoral programme at the Faculty of Law, University of Graz. The PhD Law and Politics was designed for young researchers with different academic backgrounds seeking an international and interdisciplinary full-time PhD programme. In order to ensure a high quality, the admission has been limited to ten PhD candidates per year.

Why PhD Law and Politics in Graz? 

Grasping the complex interactions between law and politics is an essential part of the development of theories and methods in both fields. In order to aid progress in fundamental and applied research, the doctoral programme “PhD Law and Politics” combines research and teaching in legal and political sciences in an interdisciplinary way. In addition to its focus on the intersections between Legal and Political Science, the programme includes perspectives from the Humanities, Economics, and the Social Sciences. The programme aims to provide young researchers with an excellent scientific education according to international standards. Active participation in courses on methodology will familiarise students with the international state of the art of legal and political research and enable them to make a substantive contribution to both disciplines. Students receive an interdisciplinary and comparative education to provide them with the necessary skills to answer intersecting questions, which require both legal and political perspectives. Moreover, the development of critical and analytical skills will prepare students to formulate recommendations for the improvement of public policies. The comprehensive set of knowledge and skills acquired within the programme will put students in a perfect position to solve complex societal problems. Graduates of the doctoral programme “PhD Law and Politics” will, therefore, be excellently qualified for future careers in universities and research institutions, as well as scientifically oriented positions in legal or political consultancy, public administration, international organisations, or in the private sector. 


The study programme firstly started in the autumn of 2016. Prof. Dr Florian Bieber was appointed as the scientific director and head of the selection committee. For admission to the programme, applicants need to hold a Master’s degree in Law or Political Science. Graduates holding a Master’s degree in the Humanities or other Social Sciences may also apply if the Master has a sufficient connection to Law or Political Science.


PhD candidates have to write a dissertation within the study programme. Topics can be chosen from a wide range of research fields, not only from Law and Political Science but also from other areas such as Economics, Sociology, History, Philosophy, European Studies or Cultural Studies. Due to the interdisciplinary approach of the study programme, each topic has to be sufficiently related to either Law or Political Science to be accepted. Two professors will supervise the dissertation.

Research fields:

Law: especially Constitutional Law, General Theory of State, Administrative Law and Public Administration, Legal Theory, Legal Sociology, Legal Philosophy, Public International Law, European Law, Business Law, Legal History.

Political Science: especially Political Theory, Political Systems, Comparative Government, International Relations, Public Management.

Economics: especially National Economy, Regional Economy, Political Economy, International Management.

Sociology: especially Macrosociology, Microsociology, Sociological Theory; Empirical Social Research.

History: especially Contemporary History. Philosophy, European Studies, Human Rights Studies, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies and Anthropology


For EU citizens no tuition fees will be charged as long as students do not exceed the programme’s normal duration of six semesters plus an additional two semesters, i.e. eight semesters in total. Afterwards, students have to pay a tuition fee of 363,30 € per semester. Students from non-EU countries will be charged a tuition fee of 745,42 € per semester unless other regulations exist (the Austrian government grants exceptions for certain countries). A small obligatory membership fee (19,20 € per semester) for the Austrian Students Union is collected from all students. 

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