Human Rights Research and Study Opportunities

Academic Programs on Human Rights

Human rights is all about values, dignity, respect and justice. These are universal values, that all the states agreed to prioritize through international conventions and national laws. Human rights law is not purely a legal concept: it has close links to culture, society, history, politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, ethics, etc. This is a universal concept, that is impossible to be viewed separately. The breadth of human rights law lies in its interaction with various disciplines, that directly or indirectly impact their full protection.

Bachelor degree courses on human rights deliver general knowledge on “what are human rights”, the history of their development and transformation, the mechanisms and policies to protect or, on the contrary, limit them. Human rights theory and practice makes an essential part of the course.

Master degree courses are, certainly, more specialized, and the majority of them focus on delivering specific knowledge on international law, main human rights treaty base, instruments and institutions of human rights. The course puts a strong emphasis on case studies and practical sessions through simulation games and moot courts, legal writing, creative thinking and research courses.

It is a very engaging experience to study human rights in a broader context of international development, globalization, armed conflict, poverty reduction or gender studies. This brings to even wider and deeper understanding of development priorities.

Career Opportunities for Human Rights Graduates

Surprisingly enough human rights graduates are in demand not only in NGOs or international development projects. They practice free-lance legal career and easily find employment with business entities. Today even audit or investment companies look for human rights lawyers to advice on human rights aspects of commercial investment or business projects.

Moreover international academic conferences and summer schools are available regularly for human rights professionals, University professors to teach and have plenary speeches.  

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