International Relations Research and Study Opportunities

Interested to Pursue a Degree in International Relations?

It is absolutely vital to study international relations today. In the world of globalization and crisis, terrorist attacks and organized crime, wars and environmental risks, proper management of international relations and accurate diplomacy are the only way out.

Degree studies on international relations boost analytical and critical thinking, leadership skills, writing and research skills. These academic programs drive students to think what is there behind the conflict and how to achieve cooperation.

Bachelor degree students choose from a wide pool of courses such as history, culture, international law, political institutions, anthropology and sociology. Whereas master degree students enroll in more specialized courses and explore influence of international relations on development of economies, political systems and wider globalization.

The highest academic degree program, PhD, in international relation is an attempt to explore different academic thoughts and various aspects of diplomacy.

Employers in public and non-profit sector are in constant search of outstanding graduates of international relations. While a degree in international relations is not that specific, as accounting or architecture, the graduates of international relations department easily find themselves employed in various fields due to their analytical and thinking abilities.

Conferences, Symposiums and Other Events on International Relations

Workshops, conferences and symposiums bring together scholars and academics, students and practitioners, representatives of non-profit sector. Participants of these events discuss current challenges to peace and sustainable development, alternatives to military intervention in resolving conflicts and many other issues that can be effectively settled through proper international relations and diplomacy.

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