Law Research and Study Opportunities

Degree in Law: The Start of a Perspective Career

If you have decided to study law and become a successful lawyer, make sure you know the answer to the question, “why did you decide to become a lawyer?”. You will hear this question at the University admission interview, scholarship interview and many other job interviews to come. This important questions to think over seriously is going to change your life and make law your passion.

Degree programs in law are extremely diverse. And the only reason for it is that law regulates every sphere of our life. Law surrounds us everywhere and regulates our life: our relations with family members, employers, neighbors and the government. Banking lawyers work to settle the relations between banks and clients, real estate lawyers help to purchase property, corporate lawyers advise in building strong companies and so on. The second important question to answer before applying for degree studies in law is, “What exactly do I want to study?”.

Bachelor degree programs in law offer general education in history of law, sociology of law, philosophy and psychology, theory of law, different legal systems and institutions. This is a three to four-year period, when future students get fundamental knowledge and prepare themselves to graduate studies. Master degree programs in law are more specialized, definitely, and lead students to a certain career path. The key factor here is to concentrate on a certain major field of study, e.g. commercial law, family law, labor law, etc. In certain countries practicing law requires a set of licensing examinations as a supplement to graduate studies.

Through engaging in PhD studies in law the students go further with academic research and scientific training. They contribute to development of academic knowledge resources, as well as impact better law making.

Studying law is quite expensive, but the funding opportunities available for outstanding international students are broad too.

ARMACAD Database of Academic and Professional Programs in Law

ARMACAD database of programs and events on law will satisfy students, practitioners and academics. This online directory offers a broad choice of degree level programs, certificate and online courses, academic conferences and workshops. Practicing lawyers and graduate students can also benefit from a range of summer schools, skills and hands-on trainings, competitions and awards for practicing lawyers.