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Study and career possibilities for History students

History as an area of study

Throughout the development of human thought the subjects of academic interests have been periodically changing and improving depending on the different stages of social evolution. Nevertheless, history as an area of study is among the few fields that has the longest history and still remains of great importance maintaining a high level of attention and interest. History is one of the basic school subjects in many countries of the world and is also a very famous area of research in the most of the universities and academic institutions. In a nutshell, history is an area that studies time or, to be more precise, past. Studying history is significant because to be able to live in the present and plan the future correctly we have to know our past. Thus the essence of history as a discipline is not just recording the facts but most importantly studying their causes and consequences.

Possibilities for history students and careers for students of history

Nowadays, there are a lot of possibilities for those who have interest in history as a study discipline. History departments are available in many international universities suggesting plenty of interesting and fully funded programs for students and scholars. Naturally, there are courses that refer not only to world history in general, but also to history of different fields, areas and things. Among them could be Medieval History, History of Europe, History of Science, History of Music, History of Art, Modern History, History of Computers, and even history of various outstanding personalities and many other variations with Art History being one of the most popular and demanded disciplines for the time being. Even if the university does not have a department of history it will definitely offer general history courses or history of subjects that it specializes on. For instance, technical universities, such as MIT, CIT and others, would have programs on History of Science and so forth.

If you are a prospective student or scientist and want to improve your education in the area of history there is a bunch of different programs offered for you worldwide. And it does not matter if you do not have enough financial abilities as nowadays there are a lot of funding opportunities for promising individuals. The problem is that you just have to know where and how to find fully funded history programs.  Most of those opportunities are introduced on the free database of Armacad.info, where you can use comfortable search and filter tools and find such history scholarships announcements that best matches your particular needs.

If you want to study history abroad one of the main possibilities is to take part in an international history summer school. History summer schools are quite common today. They may be short but at the same time quite comprehensive suggesting very convenient combinations of education with vacations. You can study the history of a country visiting it and completing different topics concerning it by traveling through its different historical regions, museums, etc.  So being involved in one of them can give unforgettable impressions and knowledge. During interdisciplinary international summer school history students can focus only on subjects related to history. Among all types of history summer programs Art History summer schools have become very common recently. Such opportunities are presented in Armacad’s database so you have a great choice here. General Art History program offers are particularly frequent from many European countries such as Spain, Italy, France, and so on. Art history summer internships as well as fully funded history summer internships are effective methods that students can use for improving their education and gaining more practical knowledge.

Besides these, Armacad has also a lot of suggestions for those who seek “long-term relationships” with history, i.e. in Armacad.info you can find financial aid for pursuing your degree in history. That may include scholarships, fellowships or grants for history on undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral study levels as well as other varieties of research work. MA scholarships in history are one of the most demanded directions of academic funding and give excellent opportunities to its holders. Those who take a next step in their academic career and decide to obtain a PhD in History usually choose a narrower field for their postgraduate studies.

Continuing your academic career you can always participate in history conferences, seminars, forums and workshops.

Finally, Armacad has a job announcements’ platform with jobs for history majors. Whether you are looking for history jobs abroad or in your native country you must always start searching it in Armacad.info.