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European Studies: Academic Programs on “what makes Europe”

European studies is an interdisciplinary subject, which concentrates on political, social, legal and cultural aspects of Europe, its integration and expansion processes. In other words a European studies program delivers the central idea of “what makes Europe as it is” and is an excellent start for an international career.

University programs of Europeanization offer advanced studies in history of Europe and its institutions, analysis of economic and political developments, as well as their social consequences. Many prestigious Universities, located in different parts of the world, establish Centers for European Studies to create more academic and professional opportunities for students, pursuing a degree in this area. These specialized centers aim to offer more on-campus resources, a variety of training, research and internship options to explore even more.

Undergraduate and graduate courses of European studies comprise broad academic programs, which offer specialization in public, private or non-profit sectors. Bachelor degree in European studies is a 3-4 year program, which concentrates more on general understanding of European politics, culture, as well as different law and policy making European institutions. Usually, it is only in the third year that European studies courses get more specialized and the students can choose which path to take. European studies degree level programs go far beyond bachelor and master courses. Those, who are interested to dig deeper and do more research, can look for a PhD in European studies course to produce innovative research and analysis for better policy making.

Today various academic and professional communities engage in debates on political and economic interpretation of globalization and the role of Europe in this process. In this discourse, the role of conferences, workshops and other events with participation of public authorities, representatives of non-profit sector and international organizations, becomes even more vital and promising.

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