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Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program, exploring gender roles in the society. The program views gender in diverse context of cultural, historic, political, economic and social factors. While exploring how feminine and masculine roles differ in cultures throughout the world, the program also puts a lot of emphasis on the historic aspect of how these roles have transformed and what is their characteristics today. Many modern undergraduate and graduate programs on gender studies explore this concept along with cultural, sociology, anthropology or other subjects.

Gender equality – the equality between men and women, is a universal right, that many of the modern states have acknowledged by ratifying international conventions on human rights. The right to equality has also been enforced by national legislations, but does it work? Or what is the real perception of gender roles and what are the cultural and political challenges on the way to gender equality and awareness?  These are the main questions, that students of academic programs on gender issues ask themselves.

Gender mainstreaming comprises a major part of interdisciplinary program on gender studies. This area specifically focuses on the measures of making gender equality a central idea in all spheres of life: political agenda, non-profit work and development programs. Gender mainstreaming has become a major direction in government planning, developing public policy and responsible budgeting, which basically means gender equal distribution of budget.

A graduate degree in gender studies can lead to a successful career in diverse fields: it can be the commencement of an international career in gender related development programs or gender consultancy to non-profits, international organizations and state bodies.

Scholarships for pursuing a graduate degree in gender studies are diverse and, interestingly enough, these are offered not only by colleges and Universities, but also various international organizations and charities.

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