Democracy Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Academic Degrees in Democracy Building: Bachelor, Master and PhD Studies

Democracy studies offers an academic insight into how people influence forms of state governance, how challenging it is to delegate power to people, ensure equality and transparency. An important aspect of this program is to explore whether the power elected by people and for people is always the best system of governance.   

Bachelor degree programs foster students to explore historical and social aspects of democracy. This is a broad insight into how people in past strived and managed to change political systems and achieved equality. The program focuses on critical thinking approach to reveal what it takes to build democracy, what are the challenges and prospects it brings.

Master degree studies in democracy are more focused and include such disciplines as political institutions and globalization processes, democracy in transition and international relations. The recent history shows many examples of bringing democracy by developed countries into underdeveloped ones. Master degree students are encouraged to analyze and research, whether democracy is always a voluntary choice of people, or if building democracy by one state in another always results in progress. Lectures, seminars, discussions, essays and internships aim to facilitate links between academic studies, analytical thinking and hands-on practice with various institutions.

PhD students engage in advanced academic research, through academic and structural schemes, on various dimensions of democracy. They explore failures and success in democracy building in developing countries, as well as best practices of international aid aimed at institutional capacity building in countries, where democracy is a goal to achieve.

ARMACAD Program Database on Democracy Studies

Check ARMACAD to find updated announcements on non-degree programs, summer schools, online programs and workshops on democracy studies and related disciplines. These programs and events aim to deliver additional updated knowledge on the topic. Participants of these courses are trained on various aspects of achieving democracy and justice through grassroots empowerment, capacity building and political diplomacy. Short-term events, such as workshops, conferences and symposiums on democracy studies provide excellent opportunities for students, academics and practitioners to share their best practices in the field.