Summer School - Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah, 29 July-04 August 2019, Istanbul, Turkey


May 20, 2019

Event Date:

July 29, 2019 - August 04, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah, 29 July-04 August 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah

29 July-04 August 2019, Istanbul

The International ILEM Summer School (IISS), which addresses major themes and issues of the Islamic World in every year. The 6th IISS will occur in the Summer of 2019 and its major theme is “Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah” The intellectual and political imagination of classical and contemporary Islamic thought has played an important role in the creation and continuation of the Muslim Ummah, and its complex relationship to the “Other” throughout history. Aiming to make Muslims united, this mission enables the transnational understandings and identities of Islam(s) / Muslim(s) with new projections and also makes it compulsory to produce new policies. In this summer school, the ideal of being an Ummah, and the challenges faced by this ideal in the light of contemporary developments, will be discussed with special emphases on Theoretical Frameworks, Contemporary Debates and Future Projections.

6th IISS is a free event. Travel costs of most participants will be covered. Accommodation-meals of all participants will be covered by the organizational committee. Participants do not pay any fee for the registration, social programs etc.



  • Transnational Networks in the Islamic World
  • Transnational Organizations and Agencies in the Islamic World
  • Culture, Translation, and Reception in the Islamic World
  • Transnational Histories of the Modern Islamic Thought
  • Transnational Intellectual Mobilities and Networks of Muslim Scholars
  • The Historical Process of Idealization of Being Ummah
  • Common Demographic Indicators of the Muslim People
  • Redefining the Concept of Ummah
  • Sociological and Political Dimension of Ummah
  • Theoretical and Philosophical Debates on the Muslim World
  • Globalization, Localization, and Islam
  • Impacts of Nationalism, Sectarianism, and Secularism on the Ideal of Being Ummah
  • Nationalism, Sectarianism, and Secularism in the Muslim World
  • Muslim Communities in the Non-Muslim Countries
  • Muslim and Non-Muslim Minorities in the Muslim World
  • Islam, Politics, and Law in the West

Who Can Apply ?

Any International MA or Ph.D. students with qualified academic work are expected to apply for the 6th International Summer School.  Applicants must provide us a proposal, not less than 900 words or up to maximum 1200 words and the deadline to submit abstracts is May 20th, 2019.  Since at that stage the topic proposed might not have been explored in sufficient detail, the initial proposal can consist of an outline of the study proposed. The proposed area of research and methodology, including aims of the research, context and justification and research question should be written in the proposal. We invite graduate students and junior scholars from the fields of philosophy, law, theology, political science, history, sociology, and other related disciplines. Accepted applicants will be expected to participate and present a paper in the program. We aim to produce a pioneering book volume(s) that breaks new ground in this field from the papers produced as a result of Summer School sessions.

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May 13, 2019
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Maliha Soomro | 2019-05-14 05:01:40
How can I apply in this Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah, 29 July-04 August 2019, Istanbul, Turkey. I mean what is the link to send my proposal

Ahmad Yahya | 2019-05-14 11:50:48
Where is the address to which proposal of this important event can be sent? There is no e-mail address