Joanna Briggs Institute Developing Countries Clinical Fellowship, Australia


February 01, 2016


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Joanna Briggs Institute Developing Countries Clinical Fellowship

The Joanna Briggs Institute ( is an international not-for-profit, research and development centre within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Our international collaboration includes more than 70 groups and entities across the world. Of these, many groups are situated in less-resourced settings such as Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana and Uganda.

The Joanna Briggs Institute collaborates with these groups where language, technology, geography and finance present significant challenges to the provision of healthcare. We are working with these groups to create an appropriate knowledge base to support health decisions and to make this knowledge readily available in developing countries.

The Joanna Briggs Foundation ( has been established to raise funds that enable health professionals from developing countries to undertake the JBI Clinical Fellowship program. The JBI Evidence-Based Clinical Fellowship Program is a six-month work place, evidence-based, implementation program involving 2 x ten-day intensive training workshops in the Joanna Briggs Institute in Adelaide, and conducting a work place evidence implementation project in the intervening months.

JBI Clinical Fellowship

Applicants must be health professionals currently working in their home country, with access to a clinical setting. They must be able to identify a topic of interest in an area in which they would like to conduct a baseline clinical audit, implement evidence based strategies, and then conduct a follow-up clinical audit aimed at assessing outcomes. Past projects have included topics such as: (see attached examples)

  • Improving management of primary postpartum hemorrhage in birthing women
  • Hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers in the acute hospital setting
  • Diagnosis of tuberculosis in children under five years of age

The Joanna Briggs Institute Clinical Fellowship Program offers participants an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Develop and engage in processes to further develop their leadership skills and strengths
  • Discuss and describe the effectiveness of current approaches to the implementation of evidence based practice
  • Critique current evidence implementation strategies
  • Act as an agent of change, conduct clinical audits and develop and implement strategies to implement evidence based practice
  • Preparation of a publication and submission to a peer reviewed journal.

It is hoped that by undertaking this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to improve health outcomes in their regions and to lead others in this important area of health improvement. For a video of past fellows, visit the following link:

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must possess good English skills (spoken and written), and be prepared to give presentations regarding their project to sponsors and academic staff. They will be supported by a JBI Research Fellow who will act as a facilitator over the 6 months of the program. Applicants must be a health professional or working in health and have access to a clinical setting. Applicants from Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia are strongly encouraged to apply.


This grant will cover travel to and from Adelaide for both the first and second weeks of the Clinical Fellowship Program, and the provision of basic meals and accommodation in the Royal Adelaide Hospital Residential facility. In addition, participants will be able to attend the JBI 20th Anniversary three-day Conference in November 2016.


Call for Applications opened: November 2015

Applications close: February 1 2016

Successful applicants notified: March 2016

First intensive training block in Adelaide, South Australia: June 20-29 2016

Second intensive training block in Adelaide, South Australia: November 9-18 2016

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the attached application form and send this to along with a copy of your resume and a letter of support for undertaking the project from your employer. This letter of support should be completed by your direct line manager whose support will be required to complete the program. The letter of support should state that your organisation will provide you with:

  • Leave for the period of training in Adelaide plus travel time
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) hours per week for the applicant to conduct their project for twenty (20) weeks; and
  • Provide support for the Fellow in the workplace both during and at the conclusion of the program to allow the Fellow to share and implement knowledge gained during the Fellowship program.

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