Course on Storytelling for Civil Society, 2022

Publish Date: Jul 03, 2022

Deadline: Dec 31, 2022

They invite civil society organisations from the Eastern Partnership countries to engage with our self-taught version of the Course on Storytelling for Civil Society. This course will help you better communicate about your projects and engage more people by using storytelling techniques.

Who is the course for?

  • Civil society leaders / project leaders / communication managers working in civil society organisations from the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine);
  • Civil society activists and volunteers from the Eastern Partnership countries;
  • Social start-up leaders and social entrepreneurs, etc. from the Eastern Partnership countries.

What will I achieve by taking the course?

  • You will better understand why stories are the most powerful communication tool;
  • You will be able to convert some of your messages into powerful stories;
  • You will be able to successfully create and shape your own stories;
  • You will learn how to shift your audience’s perceptions about your messages;
  • You will know how to broadcast your stories more widely and convincingly.

What will I learn about?
The course is divided into four different modules, taking you step by step from how you can ‘find’ your story to how you can refine it, produce it and broadcast it:

  • In Module 1 you will learn about the art of telling stories and will figure out what makes a “good story”. With this Module we will help you understand how your civil society organisation can use storytelling to increase its impact, how you can choose a topic for your story, what are the key elements of any successful story and who your target audience is.
  • Module 2 will help you build your story from the very beginning. You will go through all the essential stages of your story building, from planning to dissemination, and will learn which tools you can use for editing and fact-checking depending on the type of a story you choose.
  • Module 3 will focus on the digital formats used for stories. You will learn how to choose the right technologies, tools or platforms that will help you produce your digital story and bring it directly to your readers and users.
  • In Module 4 you will learn how to effectively broadcast and advertise your story.

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