Leadership Research and Study Opportunities

Leadership Is the Art of Change and Inspiration

Who are leaders and “what makes leadership”? Leaders are not only innovators, but those who inspire innovation and creativity. They do not only advice on what needs to be changed, but manage that process. Leaders motivate and mobilize because they possess communication power. They build relations and partnerships to share and create. All types of organizations need effective leaders to grow and expand.

While many of us think that leadership is a talent, that people either have or not, there are numerous degree level and professional programs to develop a set of skills that a powerful leader should possess.

Leadership Degrees and Academic Opportunities

Bachelor degree programs on leadership, typically, offer courses on different approaches to leadership, communication, conflict and change management, organizational development, human resources and talent management, negotiations, high impact writing and strategic planning. The program is aimed at developing such skills as decision making, problem solving and effective communication.

The focus of master degree programs on leadership is slightly different: the graduate programs are specifically advanced and direct the students to a certain career path. At this stage students are prepared for managerial positions. The list of specializations that graduate students can obtain are very diverse and extremely interesting: organizational leadership, leadership and change management, as well as many others.

Summer schools and trainings on leadership are another chance to work on self-development and acquire skills, that become more and more essential for advancing in career and professional life.

Graduates of academic leadership programs are future development and change management consultants, business and non-profit managers, as well as excellent mentors and trainers.

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