Study and Research Opportunities in Armenia

Armenia is home to more than 100 universities and academic institutions. Those centers of academic excellence, though mainly inherited from the Soviet Union, preserve and accumulate a huge academic power and internationally recognized educational potential. There are many international fellowships and scholarships available for international citizens to travel to Armenia as a student or a researcher. Hundreds of conferences and summer schools are also organized in Armenia, thus becoming an excellent medium for international scholars and scientists to visit Armenia for a shorter period and meet their Armenian colleagues. ARMACAD provides a huge database about scholarships and fellowships to study and research in Armenia as well as a huge collection of summer schools and conferences being organized in Armenia.

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Armenia, the most wholehearted country you would ever visit

In 2020, Forbes included Armenia in the list of underrated destinations to visit, as the small country at the crossroad of Europe and Asia is confidently making its way to the hearts of foreigners. Step out to cozy cafes in the center of Yerevan, or visit picturesque Garni, Tatev, and Dilijan, and you will meet many tourists from different corners of the world. In their positively surprised eyes, the first question you could read is: where do Armenians take so much warm human energy?

Armenia is a country of sun, both in the climate and in the hearts of people. You would notice it in every Barev [Բարև՜] that locals would share with you. Barev is the main greeting word in the country, derived from the two Armenian words: Bari for kind and Arev for Sun.  

When visiting Armenia, either for studies or other purposes, get ready for the positive cultural shock. You would meet genuine hospitality from completely unfamiliar people in the streets. Often, you would not even need to ask for help. In Armenia, it’s a pretty popular scenario that noticing your eyes searching for something, a passerby might stop and ask if you need any help, especially for foreigners. 

When it comes to doing business or completing studies in Armenia, the high intellectual potential of the nation works like a magnet for many international businesses and research centers. Armenians are beyond clever. They are creative, humorous, and extremely communicative, which helps them find the way out from almost any situation. 

For more than 14 years, ARMACAD presents the global study and research opportunities to students worldwide. As a company of Armenian origin, we are extremely excited to present you our motherland’s study and research potential and welcome international students to numerous education & research funding programs in Armenia. 

Where to study in Armenia?

Yerevan State University

The modern history of Armenia's higher educational institutions starts in 1919, with the foundation of Yerevan State University

YSU is the largest educational institution in Armenia, offering degrees in more than 20 academic directions, among which the top ones are Mathematics and Mechanics, Law, Journalism, Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Radiophysics, International Relations, etc. You can explore the faculties in more detail on the university's website. 

Armenian State University of Economics

ASUS condenses the main academic directions in economics that students might want to specialize in. Particularly, students can choose between Management, International Economic Relations, Finance, Marketing, and Business Management, Computer Science and Statistics, Accounting, and Auditing. 

Visit the ASUE's official website for more details on academic programs.

Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

YSMU is the most prominent academic destination if you want to experience the local medical practice. The Medical University is also trendy among Indian students, who form a large community of medical students in Armenia. The general breakdown of the university faculties includes General Medicine, Public Health, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Military Medicine. 

More details can be found on the university's official website.

Yerevan Polytechnic Institute 

National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

The two universities were united under one academic institution before, however currently, NUACA and Polytechnic Institute are two different universities you can apply to. 

NUACA offers courses in Architecture, Design, Construction, Urban Economy and Ecology, Management, and Technology. 

Among many academic programs, Polytechnic University offers research cooperations with world giants Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Synopsys, and others you can check on their site. 

Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valery Brusov

Linguistic University is a great point to acquire degrees necessary for linguistic, translation, or educational careers. University offers its students academic programs across four main directions: Translation and Intercultural Communication, Education and Professional Pedagogy, Russian and Foreign Languages, Social Sciences and Service. 

Armenian Russian State University

RAU is a great place for Russian-speaking students, as the academic language here is predominantly Russian. Even local students pass Russian exams to enter the university. The main directions you can apply to include Engineering, Physics, Pharmacy, Economics and Business, Law and Politics, and others you can check here.

Armenia also hosts two major foreign universities, which are very popular among locals. The American University of Armenia provides education in all primary academic directions. The programs are in English, which is an excellent opportunity for international students to study in the country free of language barriers. 

French University in Armenia offers education in French in popular academic directions such as Finance, Marketing, Mathematics, and others

The advantage of both universities is that they provide diplomas accepted in the Armenian local job market and in those universities' home countries. 

The above universities are the most popular educational institutions both for locals and for international students. The vast majority of the universities, or at least their main campuses, are located in the center of Yerevan. The average yearly tuition fees in local universities vary around 2,000$, which might be higher for international universities or medical degrees. 

Research in Armenia

Acquiring graduate and research degrees is very popular in the country. The vast majority of young people in Armenia at least pursue a Bachelor's, a high percentage of whom also apply to Master's programs. 

The above-mentioned educational institutions are also important research centers of the country, which are actively involved in developing students' research potential. While studying in the country, consult with your faculty advisors on the university's research centers not to miss an opportunity. 

Many universities in Armenia cooperate with major international research centers, allowing scholars to reach global research heights while conducting their studies in Armenia. 

Yerevan Physics Institute is one of the largest research centers in the country, also included in the US News Global University rankings. The research center will grant you numerous opportunities to make a scientific breakthrough in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, etc. 

Generally, everything related to exact sciences such as Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and similar is highly developed in the country considering national talent with the high-level academic fields. A good illustration of the mentioned is Armenia's success in Chess, the brightest representative of which is Levon Aronian, an Armenian Chess grandmaster, who brought numerous medals to the country from Chess Olympiads starting from 2000. Therefore, should you want to develop your skills in Chess, consider the Chess Academy of Armenia as another educational institution that will grant you excessive opportunities to leverage your skills?