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Publish Date: Jun 30, 2016

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education Schoarship details

Outstanding student: A student who is enrolled at one of the world’s top 100 universities with the QS World University Rankings, or is conducting research in one of the *priority areas that addresses the needs and is relevant to the UAE; and must meet the following conditions: 

1. Enrolled at one of the world’s top 100 universities with the QS World University Rankings.
2. Continue his/her studies (maintain continued enrollment) in the same program of study and the university throughout the duration of the study.   
3. Maintain good conduct. 
Research Areas:
  • Innovation and Future Quest
  • Space Science
  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Water sources (Desalination)
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Oceanography 

General Conditions

• The applicant must be a UAE passport holder.
• The applicant must not be awarded a scholarship from any other institution or entity within or outside the UAE.
• The applicant must submit a health fitness certificate.
• The applicant must submit a certificate of completion/release/deferment from National Service.
• The applicant must be of a good conduct.
• The applicant must obtain the required scores in one of the following language tests which will qualifies him/her to study the degree and academic specialization from one of the higher educational institutions specified by the Ministry. The required scores are as follows:
• The applicant must obtain an unconditional academic acceptance stating the total cost of the program in the preferred major(s) and institution(s) specified by the Ministry.
• The applicant must obtain prior approval from the Certificate Equivalency Department in the Ministry for the accreditation of the institution, the program of study (major) and the duration of the program.
• If employed, the applicant must obtain a sabbatical leave from his/her employer. The document stating the study leave must include the approved country of study, degree, specialization, duration of the program, method of study (full-time or part-time) and leave type (paid or unpaid).
• The applicant must pass the personal interview.
• The applicant must sign the acknowledgment to adhere to the bylaws and regulations pertaining to the scholarship law and the instructions issued by the Ministry. 

 Under graduate students

        A.  High school students:
• The applicant must select ‘foreign scholarship’ while filling out the NAPO application and must meet the scholarship requirements.
• The applicant must hold a General Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent with an average of 85%.  
• High school graduates with UK system (IB, IGCSE, AS Level, A Level) or its equivalent may be accepted.
• The high school certificate must be equalized, if obtained from outside the UAE, or certified, if obtained from a private school in the UAE, from the Ministry of Education.
• The applicant must enroll in full-time study.
• The applicant must score a minimum of 150 in the CEPA English exam.
• The requirements listed in the ‘General Conditions’ must be met by the applicant.
• All other applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.
 B- Intermediate and Higher diploma students:
• The applicant must maintain a certain GPA (not less than ‘very good') and meet the scholarship criteria.
• The requirements listed in the ‘General Conditions’ must be met by the applicant.
• All other applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.
Graduate studies:
• The applicant must obtain a certain average (not less than ‘good’) in his/her previous qualification.
• The applicant must obtain an unconditional academic acceptance (full-time or part-time) from one of the higher educational institutions in the countries and the specialization specified by the Ministry and must abide by the requirements pertaining to the duration of study in accordance with regulations set by the Certificate Equivalency Department.
• The requirements listed in the ‘General Conditions’ must be met by the applicant.
• All other applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.

Further information provided by Ministry of Education of Arab Emirates

Students studying at their own expense and desire to apply for the scholarship:

• The applicant must complete one full academic term with a certain GPA (not less than ‘good') for undergraduate studies.
• The applicant must complete one full academic term with a certain GPA (not less than ‘good') for graduate studies.
• The applicant must submit a proof of enrollment at the university along with a transcript which must indicate the courses he/she has completed.
• The applicant shall not be offered admissions in one of the federal higher educational institutions within the country.
• The requirements listed in the ‘General Conditions’ must be met by the applicant.
• All other applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.
All submitted applications for countries and specialties shall be considered according to the needs of the UAE labour market and national priorities and with the applicability of the scholarship conditions for the year 2016/2017
​ Specified for Scholarships for 2016/2017 
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Science and Space
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Nutrition and Architecture
Unlisted disciplines are considered as per the UAE labor market needs.
*Scholarships for the Elite Universities are not limited to the listed discipline. 

​ Required Documents

 The applicant should attach the following documents with the application form:
1. Copy of high school certificate + equation if obtained from outside the UAE.
2. Transcripts of 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in English.
3. Unconditional academic acceptance, stating the cost of the study, for the academic year, from one of the educational institutions specified for scholarships.
4. Copy of (TOEFL, IELTS) certificates as described in the above table.
5. Certificate of Exemption / Postponement / Completion from the National Service Authority (for males).
6. Copy of Passport
7. Copy of Family Book.
8. Copy of ID card.
9. Parental Consent (for high school students only).
10. Certificate of Good Conduct.
11. Copy of educational qualification, a transcript + copy of equation; in case of being obtained from outside the UAE, or copy of attestation; in case of being obtained from a private educational institution inside the UAE (particularly students of graduate studies).
12. For Employees: submit a study leave from the employer stating (the country of study, degree, leave duration, leave type (with or without salary), and study mode (full-time or part-time).
13. Certificate of community participation (voluntary work, initiatives), if any.

​Important guidelines for scholars applying for a scholarship to Arab Emirats' Ministry of Education

1. The scholar must comply with all the laws, regulations and instructions with respect to the academic study or residence and immigration regulations in the country of study. Any violation of these laws will subject the scholar to legal liability.

2. Study plan of a Scholar

    • A scholar must comply with the minimum hours in a semester (12 hours) in a credit-hour study or (4 courses) in a course study.
    • A scholar must not reduce credit hours or drop a course without referring to the Ministry.
    • If a scholar reduces credit hours or drops a course in a semester without prior permission, it will be considered a “fail” grading.
    • A scholar must complete the language program in one semester. This may be extended if the scholar sits for the assessment tests (TOEFL and IELTS) so that the required period of extension could be determined. The extension will not exceed one more semester.

 Field studies within the UAE for collecting research material for a Master or PhD thesis must not exceed six months, whether continuously or non-continuously, during the period of study.

3. Change of specialization or educational institution

 It is fitting to emphasize the importance of commitment to the original educational institution and the specialization, subject of scholarship. No change of specialization or educational institution will be considered except in the case of extreme necessity, subject to the following conditions:

  • That the scholar has not previously made a change.
  • That the number of hours earned in the previous specialization gets accounted.
  • That the new specialization is offered for a scholarship, the new specialization shall be one of the specified specialization for the scholarship.
  • That the change will not prolong the period of study and that there will be no duplication of tuition fees.
  • That the application for a change is made on the prescribed form through the cultural office.
  • That an employee obtains employer’s approval for the change.
  • That a request for the change will be rejected if not in line with the scholarship strategic plan in terms of the approved numbers for each specialization or educational institution.

4. The Ministry, or its representative abroad, must be informed if the scholar is approved for another scholarship.

5. The Ministry, or its representative abroad, must be informed in the event that a scholar has withdrawn from study.

Important guidelines for graduates

1. A graduate must get his graduation certificate attested before his return to the UAE.

2. A graduate must notify the cultural office with his graduation.

3. A graduate must renew his contacts in the ministry’s database to be sent to the workplaces to help him find a job according to the specializations specified by them. 

4. A graduate must get a graduation letter from the Scholarship Department for equalizing his degree from Certificate Equivalency department.

Financial allocations :

1. Graduates who were receiving their salaries from the ministry are entitled to a three months’ salary after graduation.

2. Freight costs to be disbursed to a student after his graduation as per original certified invoices, provided that the freight does not exceed 50 kg whether by airplane or any other means of transportation.

Reasons for Cancellation of the Scholarship

The scholarship or bursary will be terminated by a decision of the Minister based on the federal law concerning scholarships and bursaries, in the following cases:  

  1. If the scholar fails to commence the scholarship or bursary within six months from the date of issue of the scholarship decision unless the delay is for a legitimate reason acceptable to the Ministry.
  2. If, without an acceptable excuse to the ministry, the scholar fails three non-consecutive semesters in a semester system or two years in a year-long system, during the scholarship.
  3. If the scholar behaves indecently or misrepresents the UAE abroad.
  4. If the scholar displays a destructive behavior that contradicts with the teachings of the Islamic religion or the UAE traditions and values.
  5. If the scholar obtains a scholarship or bursary from another entity.
  6. If the scholar changes the specialization or country of study without the Ministry’s approval.
  7. If the scholar is absent from study without an excuse acceptable to the Ministry.
  8. If the scholar surpasses the approved study period as already determined by the university according to the program of study.
  9. If the scholar is expelled from University for repeated failing grades, poor attendance or any other reason.
  10. If the scholar registers for fewer courses or hours than is required in any given semester as per the system in the country of study i.e. a minimum of 12 hours /semester in a credit-hour type of study or 4 courses/semester in a course type of study.
  11. If the scholar registers for an online study.
  12. If the scholar provides the Ministry with incorrect information.
  13. If the scholar marries a non-Muslim foreigner.

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