International Law Research and Study Opportunities

International Law Is a Must Study in the Global World

In our world of globalization, where the interconnections between states become less and less visible, international law is behind every integration process. It dominates over national legislation and dictates rules of behavior for coalitions of states. International law affects development of national legislations, as well as leads the transformation of domestic legal systems.

Undergraduate programs provide a general insight into complex understanding of “relations”, that international law regulates. Meanwhile, graduate degree programs are more specific and prepare students for their career. Bachelor programs on international law include such disciplines as history, global studies, legal systems, psychology, theory of law, philosophy and sociology of law, politics and political institutions, role of international organizations in law-making, etc. What master degree programs focus on is a certain path the student is going to follow later. Whereas, the graduate program curricula is more specialized and offers such disciplines as, EU law, EU Affairs, International law and development, international law and justice, human rights and human security, etc.

PhD in International Law

Through engaging in PhD studies in international law the students go further with academic research and scientific training. PhD program is an excellent chance for those, who are looking for an academic or research career. 

ARMACAD Database of Academic and Professional Programs in International Law

ARMACAD database of programs and events on international law will satisfy students, practitioners and academics. This online directory offers a broad choice of degree level programs, certificate and online courses, academic conferences and workshops. Practicing lawyers and graduate students can also benefit from a range of summer schools, skills and hands-on trainings, competitions and awards for practicing lawyers.

Studying law is quite expensive, but the funding opportunities available for outstanding international students are broad too. Make sure to check ARMACAD to find scholarships and grants.