Study and Research Opportunities in United Kingdom

The long and short-term academic programs are available in the United Kingdom across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in the United Kingdom. Moreover, summer schools and conferences are another excellent academic activity that makes the United Kingdom attractive for scholars and scientists. Many programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships and travel grants and financial aid; thus, every student, researcher, and professor can always find a suitable program in the United Kingdom and apply.

Scholarships in the UK

Fellowships in the UK

Grants & Awards in the UK

  1. APS/Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Fellowship for Research in Edinburgh
  2. APS/British Academy Fellowship for Research in London
  3. The Royal Society Research Grants
  4. Guts UK Grants and Awards
  5. The British Psychological Society Awards and Grants
  6. The Thouron Award
  7. London School of Economics Grants and Awards
  8. Royal Academy of Engineering Grants and Prizes 
  9. UFAW Grants and Awards
  10. University of Hull Scholarships and Awards

Summer Programs in the UK

  1. PPE Summer School at Balliol College, Oxford
  2. Oxford Royale Academy Summer Courses
  3. Imperial College Business School Summer Courses
  4. University of Liverpool International Summer School 
  5. Warwick Summer School
  6. ESCP Business School: Creative London Summer School
  7. EFL Summer School
  8. University of Exeter Summer School
  9. Art University Bournemouth 
  10. ISSOS International Summer School 

The United Kingdom as an Academic Destination

The educational quality of UK universities is considered to be one of the most trusted and reputable ones for centuries now. No surprise that the UK is the second country with the number of international students after the US worldwide. As one of the educational centers, the UK provides a wide range of degrees, courses, and research opportunities. 

As the long-established cultural hub in the world, the UK is specialized in almost all directions of studies. According to the Higher Education Statistics Analysis, the most popular undergraduate degree in the UK among female applicants is medicine. The second one is Business and Administration. As for the male applicants, Business and Administration and Engineering and Technology degrees are among priorities.

Universities in the United Kingdom

Almost all of the universities in the UK are public, which means that they are funded mainly by governmental resources. Only six universities in the UK are private with the power to provide a degree. Those are Regent’s University London, University of Buckingham, University of Law, BPP University, London School of Business and Finance, and Arden University.

In the case of public universities, there is a strong focus on scientific research because it is necessary to receive governmental funds. Unlike the research-focused education that publicly funded universities provide, private universities try to provide education with skills relevant to the modern workplace.

Among the top 100 Best Global Universities, 11 are based in the UK, according to the US News statistics. The top 5 universities in the UK are:

The University of Oxford (#1 in the UK, #5 Globally).

University of Cambridge (#2 in the UK, #9 Globally).

University College London (#3 in the UK, #19 Globally).

Imperial College London (#4 in the UK, #20 Globally).

University of Edinburgh (#5 in the UK, #30 Globally).

The University of Oxford is not only the highest-ranked University in the UK, but it is also the oldest one. Located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, it has no known foundation date, but the teachings in Oxford University date back to 1096. It started rapidly developing in 1167 when Henry II prohibited English students from receiving education at the University of Paris. To learn more about the cultural heritage and history of the University, you can check the official website

International Student Expenses

Tuition fees

The high quality usually comes with a high price. This can be applied to receiving education in the UK. The UK universities provide good opportunities to UK students, with the average yearly prices being up to around $13,050. As for international students, prices start from about $14,000 and go up to $53,000.

The good point is that UK universities (despite those in Scotland) have shorter undergraduate programs lasting to 3 years, unlike other countries with 4-year studies.

Accommodation costs

University halls are the primary choice for first-year students. Some universities might offer accommodation for free; however, generally, dormitories come with their monthly rents. In this regard, the dormitory rent varies based on the city, University, and sometimes even the degree level. 

For example, students of the University of Manchester may enjoy some of the lowest housing prices in the country, where an average weekly university-owned accommodation pay for undergraduate students is £134.84 (around $186.3) and £151 (around $208.63) for post-graduate students.

On the other hand accommodation prices of University College London are much higher, reaching up to £396 (around $547.13). This might be expected since London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Other accommodation options are available as well. Studio renting prices in London vary from £200-£500 per week ($276-$690). 

Working With a Student Visa

Although there are some specific rules and requirements, students with a student visa are allowed to work in the UK. The weekly working hours should not exceed 20 hours during university term time, while full-time employment would be permitted during vacations. This does not apply to those who hold a visa for a part-time course: those students cannot work either paid or unpaid. Student visa also does not allow to work on a self-employed basis, start or hold a business. Being employed as a sportsperson, sports coach, or entertainer is not possible too.

Research and Development in the United Kingdom

The UK is one of the international leaders of scientific research and innovation. As it might be expected, the UK, as one of the economically and scientifically leading countries, conducts research in every sector concerning modern life, including molecular biology, defense science and technology, robotics, medical technologies, cybernetics, etc. The common goal of the research activities is to deal with issues of climate change, carbon emissions, etc. 

A quick look at the country’s research budget distribution shows a deeper picture of the main research directions. In 2019, the pharmaceutical sector received the most significant amount of expenditure (£4.8 billion). It was followed by the industry of motor vehicles and parts (£3.4 billion). As of 2019, 1.7% of GBP was spent on R&D. However, the government targeted to reach 2.7% by 2027.

To learn more about the UK research and development roadmap and to understand what opportunities you can have there as a scholar, check the official government website of the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

The UK is the dream destination for international students because it has the most popular universities in the world and because the UK itself is a dream destination for many people globally. ARMACAD has detailed information about the Chevening Scholarship, which is the country’s most popular program to reside and study in the UK for absolutely free. Check that unique opportunity right away so as not to miss an opportunity of creating your dream education in the country.