ICANN NextGen Fellowship Program 2015


October 16, 2015

Opportunity Cover Image - ICANN NextGen Fellowship Program 2015

ICANN launches the application rounds for both the NextGen and Fellowship Programs to participate in ICANN55 in Marrakech, Morocco in March 2016. This round remains open until 16 October 2015 and successful candidates will be announced on the ICANN website, 11 December 2015.

The Fellowship Program

The ICANN Fellowship program seeks participants from developing countries of the world in order to help create a broader base of knowledgeable constituents to engage in the Multistakeholder process and become the new voice of experience in their regions and beyond. Since its creation in 2007, the Fellowship Program has built a strong group of individuals who are actively participating in all of theICANN communities as well as various Internet Governance entities within the Internet Ecosystem. Their engagement ranges from writing articles and blogs, providing online or in-person public comment in regard to bottom up policy building, engaging in Internet conferences and panel discussions, lifting a pen in working groups, mentoring newcomers, assisting our regional leaders and becoming leaders themselves.

Do you want to better understand how the Internet is run?
Do you want your voice to be heard by the global Internet community?

ICANN is looking for excited members of the 'next generation' who are interested in taking part in the 'NextGen@ICANN' initiative. It's happening at every ICANN meeting and you're invited to apply.

Prospective members of the NextGen@ICANN initiative must be:

  • Living or studying in the region of the respective ICANN meeting and between the ages of 18 and 30. Note: for those over the age of 30, be sure to apply for the ICANN Fellowship program if you meet the Fellowship criteria ( Learn More).
  • Able to spend the time allotted for the ICANN meeting, actively participating and in attendance at all required events, as noted by the organizers of NextGen.
  • Interested in Internet Governance, the future of the Internet, and other topics covered at the ICANNmeeting.
  • Willing to present a 5-10 minute project at the meeting. This could be a presentation of research you've done, an activity you are doing related to ICANN's work, a website you are affiliated with that is related toICANN's work, a thesis project you're working on, etc. This presentation will be attended by the ICANNstakeholder community, NextGen Ambassadors as well as NextGen members.

Click here to apply to NextGen@ICANN (Application closes October 16, 2015)

By applying, applicants are stating they are willing and able to spend the period of the ICANN meeting with the NextGen@ICANN group and will attend all required events. ICANN will provide lodging and transportation. NextGen participants are required to secure their own visas for travel at their own expense, as well as obtain any travel or health insurance, if desired, at their own expense. If you wish to apply for NextGen@ICANN, you must provide your personal information, however it is voluntary to choose to apply.

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