ClimateScience Olympiad, 2022

Publish Date: Jun 26, 2022

Deadline: Aug 10, 2022

The CSO22 has three age brackets: under 16s, 17-19, and 20-25 years old. Regardless of age, participants compete in the same qualifiers and answer the same type of problem statements. However, we only compare participants within their age brackets. This means we score the three brackets independently and normalize scores within each. Semi-finalists, finalists, and winners are those with the highest normalized scores. This ensures fair comparison regardless of age.

Only 10% of participants will advance to the quarter-finals and 10% of those to the semi-finals, so preparation makes a major difference. You can take our courses or complete our quizzes in the app. Beyond that, read about whatever you are interested in and describe your solutions during the event!

What can I win?
Prize Money: - First place wins $5,000 - Second place wins $3,000 - Third place wins $2,000 - Participants ranked 4th through 7th win $1000 each and 8th through 10th take home $500. All figures in USD.

When will the results be announced?
Results for qualifiers and quarter-finals are instant via our UI and via email. Semi-final results will arrive close to the date of the final. Please do not send us emails asking when the results will be announced.

How can schools conduct an Olympiad Qualifier?
Schools can choose to run qualifiers digitally or on paper. Paper participation will launch in late February 2022. Schools that participate digitally need one computer, laptop, or phone per student (students can use their own devices too) and one computer for the teacher leading the event. Teachers need to follow procedures for timing, ensure no cheating, and collect responses securely after the event ends.

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