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Mathematicians do not get Nobel Prizes, however, they have plenty of other opportunities as a recognition for outstanding achievements in the field and excellence. 

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Mathematics is one of the main study disciplines of all times. It has the best traditions of studying and teaching.

The minimum knowledge of mathematics for everyone is an important life skill. It comes as no surprise that all people study mathematics at schools. Considering mathematics's universal importance, education in this field starts from elementary schools and continues throughout the middle and high school years. But what if one has the talent and chooses to go further into Mathematics study?

Classes of math are available at many universities. People who do degrees in physics, chemistry, finance, management, engineering, or economics usually take courses in math and statistics. The study of mathematics is also very important for those who are engaged in IT and relevant disciplines. Therefore, math programs are also highlighted in the world-leading technical universities.

Possibilities for Math students

Many people around the world choose mathematics as their profession. These people dedicate themselves to studying mathematics for 4, 6, or more years if they also do a Ph.D.

There are many opportunities one can take to study mathematics. Many people choose to go beyond their own countries and study mathematics abroad, combining their education with travel or becoming a member of world best universities.

There are numerous math study abroad programs worldwide, and to choose the best suitable for the students take into account some basic aspects. One of the main points is how the background of the applier meets the educational institution's eligibility criteria. For instance, to be admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one must have really outstanding achievements in the past, such as a medal from local or international math Olympiads or relevant competitions and contests. Other universities might have easier requirements.  

Another important circumstance is the financial component. Many promising students are not capable of paying for the education that they deserve. Nowadays, it is becoming less of a problem with the funding opportunities available worldwide. It is possible to find fully funded scholarships and make the mathematics study abroad experience easier to gain.

To study abroad, mathematics summer schools are one of the options to take. That is a short but very advantageous way of learning. Another option is to pursue a math degree. But all these are not always affordable for most prospective students. So those who are not able to cover all their expenses can search for financial aid. Partly or fully funded scholarships, fellowships, or grants are available for all academic degree levels. Getting a scholarship for undergraduate studies is easier with prior achievements in various mathematical contests or Olympiads, such as IMO or the like. Academic, financial aid offers are more frequent for graduate levels, so after successfully getting Bachelor's degree, fully-funded scholarships and fellowships will be easier to get when one chooses a narrower math area for Master's or Ph.D. studies.

The main topics that Mathematical students pass include:

  • Calculus
  • Complex Variables
  • Math Foundations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Real Analysis

As a deeper specialization opportunity in Math, you can choose from the mathematics major's main courses. Those include Applied Mathematics, Geometric Analysis, Topology and Foundations, Algebra and Number Theory, etc. 

Careers in Mathematics

Mathematics work experience mainly begins with doctoral and postdoctoral research. After obtaining a degree, mathematics becomes a very interesting field for work. Besides just performing a mathematics job, successful alumni with math majors will also have a very firm base for becoming good engineers and IT professionals, especially programmers. This is definitely more beneficial today than pure mathematics jobs, which mostly include math education jobs.

Those who truly love mathematics teaching and sharing their experience with the younger generation can apply to different mathematics departments and pursue an academic career within Universities.

Mathematics teacher jobs are limited within public schools or universities and refer to math teaching jobs in different training or math clubs.

Generally, Mathematics is an intensive brain-training discipline that develops highly valued skills like logical thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Therefore, nearly everything related to flexible management, numbers, programming, etc., can be completed by Math graduates. 

The list composed of the most popular Math career opportunities includes:

  • Auditor
  • Data Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Economist
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Financial Trader, etc. offers a great number of announcements about math jobs and academic scholarships. For finding promising and well-paid jobs in mathematics, it is the right decision to start browsing opportunities with ARMACAD!