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Summer School - Neurodegenerative Diseases: Foundation, Tools and Perspectives, 2022, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publish Date: Mar 27, 2022

Deadline: May 01, 2022

Event Dates: from Jul 02, 2022 12:00 to Jul 16, 2022 12:00

This course will give the students insight into different aspects of neurodegenerative diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Vanishing White Matter: from molecules to brain, and from cells to behaviour. The course is organized by the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (www.cncr.nl). The CNCR generates integrated research programs from genes to behavior, each combining mouse and human studies. It operates as an expertise center of the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam. Research teams at the CNCR stand out by their specific research areas and their state-of-the-art techniques. Methodology to study brain diseases (cell and animal models, microscopy, (electro)physiology and behaviour) and translational and clinical aspects (etiology, pathology, genetics, diagnostics and treatment) will be discussed. Expert lecturers will cover their fundamental and clinical research topics. During this interactive course the students are challenged to deepen their knowledge on a selected neurodegenerative disease by working in groups of students with different backgrounds for an integrative way of thinking across disciplines, ultimately resulting in a presentation at the end of the course.

Course leader
Rik van der Kant

Target group
BSc and MSC/early PhD level of Biomedical oriented training (Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Psychiatry).

Course aim
The course will provide all students with basic knowledge on neurodegenerative diseases and will challenge them to develop critical thinking to provide constructive criticism for potential solutions. This requires active involvement, mechanistic thinking and thorough reasoning.

The students will:
(1) Obtain basic knowledge on neurodegenerative diseases (“the foundation”).
(2) Obtain in-depth knowledge on specific research approaches and methods to address various aspects of neurodegenerative diseases (“the toolbox”).
(3) Generate an overview of current limits and future needs (“the perspective“).
(4) Integrate this information to propose new ideas and hypotheses towards diagnostics and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases (“potential new leads”).

Fee info
EUR 950: Tuition fees two-week course:
VU Students/PhD candidates and employees of VU Amsterdam* or an Aurora Network Partner €650
Students at Partner Universities of VU Amsterdam €900
Students and PhD candidates at non-partner universities of VU Amsterdam €950*
Professionals €1150

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