Mid-Career Postdoctoral Researchers Fellowships


February 20, 2016

Opportunity Cover Image - Mid-Career Postdoctoral Researchers Fellowships

Mid-Career Postdoctoral Researchers Fellowships

These fellowships, which will be funded under the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL), will provide an opportunity for mid-career African researchers to develop their own research program at KWTRP with stints at other collaborating research centres.


The fellowships are for 4 years and provide for an internationally competitive salary (approx. 50,000 USD PA), and a further 80,000 USD for research and travel costs


The KWTRP undertakes research across the whole spectrum of health research ranging from basic human, parasite and vector biology, epidemiology, clinical trials, social sciences, demography, health systems and ethics.


Applications are invited from African researchers who completed their PhD within the last 10 years and have a strong publication record in any health-related research including basic sciences, clinical sciences, nutrition, social sciences, epidemiology, health systems and policy research, ethics, demography and statistics AND who have a keen interest in developing a research programme on health issues affecting the African region.


Selection for funding will take place in three stages:

1. Pre-proposal conference
In the first round applicants will be judged on the CV and personal statement. Up to 20 of the highest ranked applicants will funded to attend a conference in Kenya, Kilifi to present their current research work and to familiarise themselves with research activities and resources available at the Programme. During the conference the applicants will also meet KWTRP researchers to discuss potential linkages and development of a proposal for the research the applicant would undertake if funded.

2. Proposal development stage
After the conference, the applicants will have 4 weeks to develop a proposal for the research they would carry out if funded.

3. Proposal Review and Interview
The applicant will submit their proposal for review by a team of scientist from KWTRP and collaborating institutions. Applicants the highest ranked proposals will be invited to defend their proposal in a face-face interview.

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February 17, 2016
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