Lakehead University Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships 2018, Canada

Opportunity Cover Image - Lakehead University Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships 2018, Canada

Undergraduate International Entrance Scholarships Are Now Renewable

Take advantage of one of Canada’s most generous university scholarship programs. We make paying for your university degree easier so you can focus on your education. Lakehead's International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships are now renewable.

"I received an entrance scholarship of $7,500 from Lakehead," says Siting Wang, Math / Concurrent Education Student, from Anshan, Liaoning, China. "This has helped me out a lot. I put my scholarship funds toward living expenses, which means I can spend more time on my studies rather than having to get a part time job."

Non-Canadian citizens who are entering Lakehead University from a high school, or who are transferring from an international college or university, will be considered for the Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships. The scholarship is available to the top international students applying to Lakehead University for 2018-2019

International Entrance Scholarships 2018-2019
Automatically considered. No scholarship application is required. 

Academic Average 
(Canadian Equivalent)

Scholarship Total4
(in Canadian dollars)

Scholarships Available


$30,000 ($7,500 x 4 years)1


80.0% - 89.9%

$20,000 ($5,000 x 4 years)2


75.0% - 79.9%

$4,000 ($4,000 in Year 1 only)3


1 Renewable provided a 90% average is achieved in each academic year. If a student's university academic average falls between 80.0% - 89.9%, the student will receive an amended scholarship valued at $5,000/year for each subsequent academic year for the remaining term of the scholarship. 
2 Renewable providing an 80% average is achieved in each academic year.
3 Non-renewable, one-time only scholarship awarded in Year 1.
4 Maximum length of scholarship term is 4 academic years or until the first degree is awarded, whichever occurs first. Recipients whose status changes and may be charged domestic fees will have their scholarship value reassessed to equate to the domestic entrance scholarship grid and regulations.

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September 18, 2017
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