WORCK Conference, 16-20 September 2020, Central European University, Hungary

Central European University (CEU)


February 15, 2020

Event Date:

September 16, 2020 - September 20, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - WORCK Conference, 16-20 September 2020, Central European University, Hungary

WORCK Conference

The newly started EU COST Action Worlds of Related Coercions in Work (WORCK) will host its first annual conference at the Central European University in Budapest from 16 - 20 September 2020. The network aims at exploring interconnected histories of labour and coercion. 

One of the defining features of global labour has been the insistence on looking beyond wage labour. Much scholarship has therefore been directed towards labour understood to be informal or coercive. From this vantage point, historians have argued that in a global and long-term historical perspective wage labour is a stable labour market was rarely the norm. This conference aims at moving past that binary by exploring the moments and logics of labour coercing within labour relations mediated by remuneration (of all kinds) and/ or contracts (of all kinds), including ostensibly free labour. To this end, it also seeks to open up a discussion about whether concepts such as "hired labour" can help historians reconceptualise historical links between wage labour and labour coercion.

The conference organisers are looking for contributions that expose the ambiguities of wage and contract across history. Contributions might address coercion in diverse contexts such as:

- Ancient, medieval or early modern societies

- Peasant economies, urban markets or industrial societies

- Socialist or post-socialist societies

- The global north or the global south

- Contemporary capitalism

Dealine for proposals: 15 February

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