Central European University MA Programs in Political Science 2019/20, Hungary

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January 31, 2019

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The MA programs in Political Science target both future academics and students who wish to pursue careers in non-academic jobs requiring considerable skills in social and political analysis, typically in the civil service, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organizations, and private businesses. To serve this multifaceted constituency, the programs put considerable emphasis on developing research and writing skills that are valued in all work environments that require the ability to develop, probe, and convey complex ideas efficiently, logically, and lucidly.

Entry Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Political Science Department’s MA program must meet the general CEU admissions requirements. Successful applicants usually hold a first degree in economics, history, law, political science or sociology, although other degrees will be given equal consideration. Candidates for the one-year MA program must have at least four-years university education prior to CEU, candidates with three-year BA degrees should apply to the two-year MA program offered by the department.

Deadlines for the Academic Year 2019-2020: 


Deadline for applicants to Master’s programs who wish to be considered for CEU financial aid (if applicable). 


Application deadline for self-financing applicants who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA area and require a study visa. 


Application deadline for self-financing applicants from EU/EEA countries. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (subject to spaces available).

1. Academic Writing Submission(s)

All programs at CEU require one or more pieces of academic writing for the application, such as a statement of purpose, research proposal, academic essay on a given subject, writing sample, etc. Each academic program has its own writing requirement(s). (On how to put together a competitive application, how to improve your statement of purpose or write a compelling research proposal, you may want to check the Useful Tips section for advice.)

2. Letters of Recommendation

You must have two (or, for some doctoral programs, three) confidential letters of recommendation submitted as part of your application, assessing your ability to conduct graduate-level work, and potential for a successful academic or professional career. The letters must be written in English by your faculty members or job supervisors (i.e. people most familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities and character), and sent via the online application system by the recommenders themselves. (You must not know the contents of the letters and therefore cannot submit them.) Also, please note that a complete set of recommendations must be received for every application that you have submitted.

In order to enable your recommenders to send in their letters, you need to register them in the relevant section of the online application form AND submit your application; they won’t receive an email with a link to a recommendation form until after you have submitted your  application. All recommendations must be received within one week of the time the application is submitted. Late references may or may not be considered. 

3. Academic Records

Your application must include a scanned image of

  1. your complete official bachelor’s transcript and your bachelor's diploma in English if you are applying to a master’s program;
  2. your complete official bachelor’s and master’s transcripts and your bachelor's and master’s diplomas in English if you are applying to a doctoral program.

4. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Please upload an updated CV or resume, including a publication list if available. CEU accepts all commonly used CV/resume formats.

5. Proof of English Proficiency

You must demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting standardized English language test scores, e.g., the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or other tests listed below.

Candidates whose first language is English are normally exempt from this requirement. Other candidates may also be exempted if they fall into either of the two categories below:

  1. current or former CEU students applying to CEU's master's or doctoral programs;
  2. candidates who have earned a bachelor's or a master's degree taught exclusively in English. Please note: CEU reserves the right to request proof that the program was taught entirely in English if it is not evident from the academic records provided.

To request exemption from the English language proficiency requirement, answer the questions on English Language Qualifications accordingly in the Qualifications section of the online application form and, unless the language of instruction is clearly stated in your academic records, provide (as an “Other Supporting Document”) an official university letter confirming that your bachelor’s or master’s program was taught entirely in English.

If you are submitting a test score of one of the English language exams listed below, please upload a scan/screenshot of your paper/online score report to the relevant section of your online application. (CEU's institution code with ETS is 0069 - please use this code when taking a TOEFL test.)

Eligibility Requirements for Master's Programs

Applicants must have a first degree from a recognized university or institution of higher education, or provide documentation indicating that they will earn such a first degree before enrolment in a CEU master's program.

For its one-year U.S.-accredited master's programs, CEU normally accepts students who have completed four years of undergraduate university study. Applicants with a three-year bachelor's degree will be considered for two-year master's programs (both for those accredited in the U.S. and in Hungary).

Admission into the U.S.-accredited one-year programs with a three-year bachelor's degree may be possible pending the University Provost's approval in particular cases, based on the recommendation of the academic unit in question.

Students enrolled in a master's program at CEU must not be simultaneously enrolled in another higher education institution, unless they provide official documentation about having obtained a leave of absence from the other institution for the entire duration of their studies at CEU. Admitted students are required, if applicable, to indicate enrolment at another institution in the matriculation form at the beginning of their studies at CEU.

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