EBRD’s Star Venture programme, 2022, UK

Publish Date: Jun 26, 2022

Deadline: Jul 01, 2022

The EBRD’s Star Venture programme targets promising start-ups, accelerators and consultants to unleash their full potential. Working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for over 25 years has given the EBRD unique expertise in bolstering the start-up ecosystem across its regions.

To maximise impact, we work with:

  • Start-ups
  • Accelerators
  • Mentors
  • Investors

Star Venture leverages a dedicated network of mentors and advisers to channel a whole range of bespoke advisory services and industry best practices to start-ups.  Through workshops, mentoring and technical assistance, the programme helps start-ups improve the efficiency of their results and scale rapidly.
At the same time, Star Venture helps young companies remove some of the systemic barriers to accessing finance by connecting them to a network of investors with a strategic interest in the early-stage space.
Star Venture mobilises mentors to help build accelerators’ own capacity to train start-ups and support their growth journey. The programme lends accelerators the tools to enhance the business performance of their cohort of young companies, while benefitting the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.

They also offer guidance to local advisers on how to work with start-ups so they can mentor them in the future.
Star Venture has supported over 200 early-stage companies across Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia (the so-called Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region(SEMED) region) and the Western Balkans where the programme is currently active. While the programme is only available for the time being in the aforementioned regions, we are committed to extending access to finance and know-how to entrepreneurs across all our countries of operations.

The EBRD’s Star Venture programme is currently funded by the European Union, Luxembourg and Korea through the EBRD Small Business Impact Fund (Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, TaiwanBusiness - EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and the USA).

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