Project Management Research and Study Opportunities

From an Idea to Project

How to turn cool ideas into a project and make it productive? There is only one answer to this question. Only a creative and effective manager can make your idea turn into a successful project with long-term impact!

Imagine the idea is well thought over and it easily became a project on paper. The next step is to plan, organize and manage it. Here it comes to the manager, who will carry over your idea to its results. The manager will be:

  • a wise leader, who will motivate, create and drive,
  • a strategic thinker, who will link the actions with the vision of project,
  • a good planner, who will assess the human, financial and technical resources and design a smart action plan,
  • an accurate evaluator, who will monitor results and evaluate the impact,
  • an effective communicator, who will engage the stakeholders and mobilize the communities

Degree and Non-Degree Programs in Project Management

Project managers attend various skills development trainings to progress in their career. Trainings in strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, human resources management, budget planning, result-based management are regular for many mid-career managers, who value self-development.

A degree in project management will be an asset in excelling as an effective program runner. Be it in business or non-profit sector the manager needs theoretical knowledge and practical skills. These are possible to gain through academic courses and tailored certificate courses, such as PMP – Project Management Professional certification.

It is important to mention that many Universities in EU offer academic degree and non-degree programs to acquire knowledge and skills to manage projects, funded by European development agencies. The same approach is applied by US Universities regarding projects, funded by United States Agency of International Development.

Make Maximum of ARMACAD

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