Scholarships for International Degree-Students in the Final stages of Their Degrees, 2022, Trier University, Germany

Publish Date: Jun 19, 2022

Deadline: Jun 24, 2022

Graduation grants can be awarded through the International Office. The primary aim is to enable qualified foreign final-year students to concentrate on their studies and complete their degrees by providing financial support. Eligible to apply are financially needy foreign students who have achieved very good or good grades and who are in the final phase of their studies.  

Applications are accepted from students who:

  • are not of German nationality,
  • are registered at Trier University in order to acquire a degree qualification
  • need financial support,
  • and who, based on their previously achieved grades, are likely graduate within a maximum of two semesters.

Applications are NOT accepted from students who:

  • are exchange students or short-term students at Trier University
  • are registered at Trier University only to acquire an academic certificate but not a full degree qualification
  • are of German nationality or who have completed their under-graduate studies in Germany
  • receive BAföG payments
  • are receiving a full stipend or scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service or similar organisation
  • are planning to complete a study programme or work placement abroad during the period of the scholarship
  • are in the first term of a one-year Master’s degree programme

Selection procedure

  • Please note that your application can only be considered if you submit a properly completed application form along with all the required documents
  • The selection of students for scholarship support is done by a committee of representatives of Trier University and Trier Student Services on the basis of the written application documents. The main selection criteria are that the student is likely to complete their qualification within the scholarship period, financial need, and very good grades.
  • A properly completed application does not guarantee scholarship support.
  • The applicants are informed in writing about the outcome of the application process by the International Office.

Value of the scholarship:

  • up to 350 Euros per month for students in Bachelor’s programs
  • up to 400 Euros per month for students in Magister, Master’s, Diploma, or State Exam degree programs

Scholarship period:

  • Period of support: maximum 6 months
  • For Bachelor’s and Master’s students and students in one or two-year postgraduate programmes (e.g. LLM etc.) the period of support is usually not extended.
  • For students in  State Exam degrees, an extension of the scholarship period for up to 6 further months is allowed in exceptional circumstances.
  • The scholarship holder can be in the final stages of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
  • The scholarship support ends at the end of the month in which the scholarship holder sits their last exam or submits their final dissertation.

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